May. 10th, 2017 09:35 pm
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But first, slept very well, odd considering my morning Hgl was 235. Spook abandoned me early for the guest room futon.

On the road on time, but traffic was a huge mess - I did take the long way around, 101 was moving well by the time I got to my entry point.

Ad hoc testing at work, Boss ignored our sync again.

Email from corp warning us that next Tues-Fri is Google's answer to MacFest, something called I/O, which will be held at the amphitheater down the block. The roads to that place are the ones I take to work, so I will follow their advice and not arrive before 10. It's looking like one of those days I'll be taking off for the contractor work - still have not heard from them. I'll call tomorrow.

Lunch was tuna something, added muenster from home. Too many oreos and M&Ms for dessert. Lots of visitors. Break time also was busy, some very nice figures on their macbooks.

15 minutes before go-home time, Asia product manager comes by with a unit from Japan to test. He says it's technically not ready for prime time, but that just makes it more interesting for me. I was able to set it up enough to have it running the short automation test suite as I left.

Straight home, too many people DWS. Missed a couple of lights because of that. :-(

Watered some of the flowers & the porch trees.

Delivered was VersaCheck Gold 2017, which advertises being able to print custom checks from Quicken, which I was hoping would replace CheckDesigner. Installed it after reading the feature set. Created a check design, assigned my Epson printer, and tried to print a check. Gypped! Turns out the $90 software will not print a single check unless you buy $20 worth of check printing licenses. Not much I can do once the package was opened, so I posted a nasty 1-star review on Amazon. I'll have to put up with CheckDesigner.

Dinner was the last of the Kao Mok Gai. There are still some packets of curried rice left (Kao Mok, minus the Gai).

Watched the 6 o'clock news via Tivo. Nice to FF past the same inane ads over and over.

Dessert was a bowl of frozen tropical fruit chunks.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hang out in the cafeteria while the car charges
Pear Slices at The Pear.

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