May. 18th, 2017 09:23 pm
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My commute home probably would have been easier if MVFD had not evacuated Shoreline Amphitheater right as I was heading for Shoreline Blvd.
I am so tired. This will be short.
Woke on time, downloaded the Hugo packets and dumped them onto my tablet.

Out the door half an hour early but AG still managed to call before I left. Called him back from the road. Power went out as planned at 8:30.

Busy day at work, testing and re-testing because engineers wanted logs from random failures. Will do more of that tomorrow.

Many more passers-by, thanks to the conference, and the company swag store being down my block.

Nothing notable at lunch.  Break time I unzipped the Hugo files and copied them to the Kindle folder. Kindle app would not see them on the SD card. Bummer.

Power at home was on 2 hours early, 3:30.

Home drive took half an hour.

Delivered was a set of doorbell batteries and the weather station for work. Indoor outdoor temps, humidity, barometer and allegedly over the air time which never works for me.

Nuked dinner, more mango delight for dessert.

Reset some clocks, the Google Home device and amazon TV box.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sync with boss
Follow up on air conditioning issue
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