May. 25th, 2017 12:14 am
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Nothing much to report except while I was having lunch I was experiencing an insulin crash. They had M&Ms on hand, which saved me.

Boss is arranging for us to get trained on a new device from a well-known local company, named after a Japanese sci-fi monster. No, not Gojira.

Facilities guy never showed up to do something about the air conditioning. Looks like the heat is on all day, regardless of the temperature.

Lunch was Swedish meatballs. There was diet Coke! Famous Amos and M&Ms for dessert. Back in the hole, Hgl was 97. Very low for postprandial.

Break, finished one short story, started another in the Hugo 2017 packet. I think this one is my #1 - made me cry. By a well established YA author, but the story is adult.

Capri Nail Spa after work, had to wait an hour. Got more reading done. They stayed open longer for me.

Home on 101, traffic was heavier than it should have been after 7.

Took some rose cuttings, stuck them in vase, will root them soon.

Delivered was the long-awaited set of Thai CDs. One was an MP3 CD, I'll listen to it in the car. 50 tracks of female pop hits.

Also delivered was a 3-month supply of insulin syringes.

Marie C chicken fried beef-like substance, double fudge ice cream with walnuts. Watched another episode of Dark Matter. Best Netflix sci-fi so far.

Rent bill was in the park slot, tried to print a check, once more no MICR line. Boo, hiss. Ended up uninstalling, re-installing and patching and then creating a whole new account and check design. This time Spook is the background image, but so light you can hardly recognize her. I sure hope it keeps working, I'll need to print a check Tuesday for the contractors.

Plans for tomorrow:
Out the door early, 8:30-5:30 power outage.
Work - Boss should have a unit for me which failed because of no password. Passoword provided, but Boss was at a customer site.
After work, home. Reset the clocks.

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