Jan. 3rd, 2017

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This will be quick because it was mostly a boring day.

Spook is back on the bed at night. Yay. Someone at the Dancing Cat suggested petromalt, which is a well known hairball remedy for long haired cats. Some of my cats over the years loved it, my last two hated it. So I got some the other day and tried the usual thing of squeezing a small line of it from the tube onto my finger. Spook was totally freaked out by that, so I tried to slap some on a paw, but got it on the bathroom mat instead. She licked it all up. As usual, she won't take anything from me directly, but if I put some down in front of her, she loves it.

Played on FB. Watched the last half of the Cotton Bowl and the first half of the Rose Bowl. Was so bored I picked up the Kindle app and read more of Snow White and the Seven Samurai. This is a book which is very hard to follow, as it scrambles fairy tales and what ifs the concept that it's all a slow dumb computer operating system. There are many clever one-liners, but he doesn't split chapters intuitively, and at 87% done, most of the plot line and characters are unrecognizable.

Drove to Milpitas, thanks to the holiday, traffic was minimal on 237. Also thanks to the holiday there were two family gatherings sharing our meeting room when I arrived a little after 7. By 8 they were gone, and more club members arrived. There was a new member, small world - I've been in two shows with him at Lyric Theater. Three if you count the one I bailed on. Black Bear Diner has excellent food & service. I wish the Sunnyvale one had been open when BASFA made the decision to move.

The meeting was short this week, I was home by 9.

Watched the first episode of The Bachelor. So much eye candy. I am very disappointed that he gave a rose to the idiot in the shark costume who insisted she was in a dolphin costume. Her occupation was listed as "prospective dolphin trainer". Girl, dolphins don't have gills. Also disappointed but not surprised that he gave a rose to a woman he had partied with IRL several months before, who had refused to give him her number, took his number but never called.

He mostly went for the ones with big tits. Typical.

Also watched the news, especially paid attention to the 49ers firing the GM and the coach, and was flabbergasted that Jed York, who is CEO of the team because the NFL took it away from his uncle Eddie and gave it to his mother for safekeeping, at the press conference said "I own the team" (which is not true, his parents own it) "and you don't dismiss the owner". Which also is not true, as his uncle would testify. The NFL owners could easily vote him out, and the team can be placed under NFL control, or sold to another owner or ownership group.

I will be very surprised if he can find a coach or a GM of any caliber after firing three coaches in three years and seeing a mass exodus of the best free agents.

Plans for tomorrow:
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This morning Spook waited till 6:30 to walk up my leg. But first she picked a fight with my feet which were under the covers.

Managed to valiantly stay in bed till the 7:30 alarm.

Back to work today, traffic was lighter than expected, the rain was also.

It took all day for Boss to get around to it, but at about 2:30 she and me and one of the engineers walked through serious rain & wind the two blocks to where I was set up in a non-corporate building with a TV to test. The building is pretty barren, most of the place is TV circuit boards under test & development by one of our partner companies. Today there were only two other people in the building. I guess more will show up when Asian new year vacations are done.

The laptop had no trouble getting to my corpnet items, which was my big fear.

5:20 came around pretty quickly, and it was a long wet slog three blocks in the rain back to my car. I was exhausted, so I moved the car to a charging station and slurped up some juice for half an hour before heading home. I thought about a movie, but none of the showtimes were convenient, and Boss said I could use my corporate Netflix account at home.

Home, defrosted a quart of home made chicken soup and consumed it in two shifts while watching a 4K Netflix TV episode called The OA. It's interesting, but really doesn't get fascinating until the end of the first episode. I'll probably watch more tomorrow. One thing that's strange is the cast is kind of 2nd string. The writing is good, but the actors don't quite do it justice. None of them. Videography ranges from excellent to amateur. Costumes are meh, so is set dressing. But the story is pulling me in.

Thin mint ice cream for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Start work in the main building, but bring most of the rest of my stuff to the new place. This time I'm driving.

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