Jan. 15th, 2017

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of the 3-day weekend I didn't want.

MLK Day shouldn't be a national holiday.  King was a regional figure, he spoke to a narrow audience in a Gospel style which I personally was turned off by. While his non-violence campaign was the moral high ground, it caused a lot of needless loss of life, including his own. In the end, it wasn't his speechifying, it was RFK and the considerable armed force of the Federal government which integrated schools and led to what meager civil rights we have now.

But we're stuck with it, and all it means to me is one more day without pay.

Got to the PO at 10:15 because they are supposed to open the main parking lot to the public at 10. All 12 slots in the tiny front lot were taken, I had to go around the block 3 times before they opened the gate. There is no street parking within 2 blocks of this PO, which is ridiculous.

The line was short, but the clerks were very slow. I dropped off one pre-paid package and it took about 5 minutes to get the other one stamped and paid for.

On the Grocery Outlet, where I bought more than I had planned, but that's because they had things in stock they usually don't. Like authentic cheesie poofs. The name brand, not the horrible generic. And a couple of flavors of pint-sized ice cream I needed to try.

I did resist the urge to buy eggs and bananas, since I get those at work now.

Home, Facebooked, watered all the plants inside and on the porch, refilled the hummingbird feeders, found the channel the Seahawks game was on, via SlingTV. Watched some pregame BS and sat down with a couple of corn dogs and some creamed corn to watch the game. It was a great start, but it soon became clear they were outclassed, and much as I hate to say it, a stadium full of Atlanta fans is every bit as loud as a stadium full of Seattle fans. It made a difference in the game.

I played online in the office, listening to the cheers on the TV, every now and then looking in to see how badly my team was losing.

Switched to CBS All Access for the Texas/NE game, which started pretty close. Just before halftime I had to leave to go downtown to meet C & M at Thai Basil. C and I chatted in Thai with the waiter (M doesn't speak Thai), who is from the town where I spent my second year in Peace Corps. So was the waitress. She told me the research center where I worked is now an army camp. :-(

It was an excellent meal, and we caught up on a lot of things. C had not noticed that the new King is single again, but figured it out when I pointed out that in all his recent portraits he is alone, where a King ought to be accompanied by his consort.

Home, and here I am.
Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe watch football, but I'm not all that interested in the games. Maybe Green Bay/Dallas at 1:40. Maybe.
Maybe I should take my fishing gear somewhere and get it damp.


Jan. 15th, 2017 12:40 am
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Other stuff I did - before going to dinner I sat on the couch, which Spook knows is her cue to sit next to me and be brushed. She really enjoys it, especially now that she gets it that I can brush her where she can't reach. Also trimmed her nails. I think I got all but one thumbnail, but it's hard to tell because her nails are hidden under thick fur which extends past the ends of the nails.

In the mail was the W2 for my unemployment insurance, which is subject to federal taxes. I built a spreadsheet using the IRS tables, my final Arris pay report which included my YTD salary, severance, PTO payout, annual bonus and YTD taxes withheld. Also added the one social security check for December. Quicken showed me how much I earned on the current contract in 2016. Not considering what I paid in medical costs, or what I earned in capital gains, it looks like I will owe the IRS about $1k  because I did not have them take $ from my unemployment payments. When I got my severance I put $7k away in savings, hoping I would get another job soon, knowing deductions would be too low at a lower paying job (withholding is based on the tax bracket for the current salary) to offset my higher pay earlier.

Got invited to the second annual meeting of San Jose Musical Theater, but I told them to take me off the mailing list. Two reasons:
2. It's a potluck, they want everyone to bring a main course.
1. They are planning another concert. I joined this group to do theater, not to be on a mailing list for one night stand concerts. Especially when there are no auditions. 
1A. They are no closer to being a viable theater company than they were a year ago. I had volunteered to help them set up a web page. They still don't have one.


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