Jan. 20th, 2017

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Slept weirdly last night. Woke up a few times when I didn't need to. Had a couple of vivid dreams which I can't remember anything about. Spook was back on the bed a little bit, went into hiding in the early am. I dawdled too much after the alarms and got a just barely on time start. Took the freeway slog, found parking in the garage at the big building, spent all day there. 

Boss showed me the bug filer system, which is really strange. Can't say more than that (NDA). But I was impressed at how quickly it was assigned to an appropriate engineering team, and then a specific engineer.  After she pointed me in the right direction, she said it was about the halfway point in my 90-day contract (first time I heard there was a time period) and asked if I wanted to extend past that. I said sure, I was having a blast, and she said she would see if she can get it stretched to 6 months. Or maybe have 6 months added. Eedah way...as Big Louie says. Good news bad news, the bad news is I had no idea it was such a short initial contract. Makes sense, though, they got burned the last time. 

The bi-weekly 2:30 Thursday meeting was skipped by Boss and most of the others on the list. It was just Boss' boss, Boss' boss' boss and a new-ish guy, M,  who manages one of our partnerships. Before the meeting Boss got him to promise to upgrade one of my devices so I can try the test run on it which failed on the one in the hole. The meeting was useless for me, it was all about Vast Plans, which actually move away from the direction I want to be. 

Delivered to my desk was a very nice neoprene laptop pouch for the MacBook. Very quick, I ordered it yesterday. Cost was $0, so no manager approval needed.

After work I went to the garage, re-parked by a charger, plugged the car in and then went upstairs with my personal laptop, logged into the guest network and downloaded the Kindle book I have on the tablet, and read for an hour. More than enough charge to get home on battery.

Got a text from Kaiser, my nighttime driving glasses are ready.

Home, much less traffic at 6:30 than 5:30.

Plans for tomorrow:
Start at big office
Lunchtime, Kaiser
Back to work, maybe do the valet thing.
Target, I'm out of Spook's meat sticks. Online prices are obscene

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