Jan. 23rd, 2017

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Got to work in the big office, checked my results from over the weekend, walked over to my boss (three rows away) and she wasn't interested. Not even in the 2-second update. She was in tears, and in a panic. Something she saw in her messenger screen, I think. As I went back to my desk, she grabbed her backpack and fled. Chat shows me a green light next to the names of people on my list if they are online, and she wasn't for the rest of the morning. Freaked me out. I spun my wheels till lunchtime, went to the car and got my lunch cooler. Frozen Asian Beef on rice heated in the microwave, and half an almond butter and jam sandwich from the little food place downstairs.

There is a new guy in our section, and things were pretty noisy. I wanted to finally bring my server down to the hole, but can't without boss signing off.

So I drove to the hole and spun my wheels there till quiting time. There actually were a couple of things I needed to check about that bug from a few days ago. I was hoping to find a new TV to test, but none of the ones around the room seemed to be the right brand.

At about 3:30 a green light appeared briefly, but no message from Boss. I'm worried.
Slept okay. Spook slept elsewhere.  Commute was slow, even the commuter lane. Quang called, and we chatted till I parked in the garage. Surprised to still have a cell signal.

After work, dodged traffic by taking the back way to the cinema. Saw Hidden Figures. Worth $8 Monday senior discount. In the audience was just me, and about a dozen black schoolgirls. Yay! I'm guessing high school.

The movie was well cast, mostly. It was highly disturbing to me to see that knowitall from the nerd TV show playing the knowitall sexist racist. Kevin Costner did some actual acting. Mahershala Ali was very impressive as the national guard colonel who wins the heart of the heroine. They did a good job of recreating the ugly insides of Langley of the time, and they tried hard to merge TV and archive film into the movie, but I thought with mixed results.

Home, it was raining hard and visibility was poor, so I only took the freeway as far as the back road turnoff.

In the mail was the 1099 form for my 401k distribution, I need my IRA's corresponding one showing it was rolled over. Got my contract W2, waiting on Arris, though my final pay report has all those numbers on it. Mostly need Scottrade to report my capital gains/losses, and Vanguard to report my IRA rollover from Scottrade. Read more... )

Popped some Pepperidge Farms apple turnovers in the oven. That and a glass of milk was dinner, because snacking and stress raised my Hgl tonight.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Not sure where I'll start.

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