Jan. 25th, 2017

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Had a rare snailmail letter to answer from a photographer friend. We met at the Daily Astorian in 1973, and have been in contact ever since. He is not doing very well, not finding any work after 10 years in SoCal. He's moving back to the PNW, I'm not sure where. Seattle or Portland, probably. I asked him to visit here for a while on his way up.

Also had email from Michi, a Japanese student I met in Ashland in the late 80s or early 90s, when she was boarding with theater friends who had moved there. I send her a calendar each year, and we exchange email for a while, and then I forget. She's in Malaysia working as an accountant. Her Tokyo job went away with Fukushima, and she's been struggling ever since. Despite about 8 years in college in Oregon, she hasn't quite got enough English for the positions she wants.

I keep getting drawn into FB, need to stop doing that. So many unfounded rumors being shared as truth. Mostly by people whose side I'd like to be on, but they are so damned paranoid they will believe anything.

I joined FB to keep abreast of my theater friends, but some of them are the worst.

Slept well, but woke up at odd times when I did not need to go to the loo. Spook spent most of the night in the cat bed between the hampers and the laundry basket. Hidden in plain sight. And she explored the shower before I got out of bed in the morning.

Got an early start, collected a banana and a HB egg and some packets of Tillamook cheddar from the building across from the hole. Lots of cars parked there, plus a tour bus. A couple of trailers came buy and parked about 50 Google bicycles in front of the building. They were mostly gone by evening. Something about a new employee orientation.

Gave up on the automation test, started doing the manual tests. Boss revealed she has an ear infection, which almost accounts for her bizarre behavior yesterday, but I think something else is going on. She emailed the group that she would work from home, but she was hardly online at all.

1 pm or so, lunch in the break room, Thai coconut chicken frozen meal from Safeway, apple turnover from last night. When I grabbed it off the tray this morning, I saw that I had forgotten to turn off the oven last night. Most of that heat went up the chimney. Just for grins I checked the carbon monoxide meter, it said 0.

For the first time since I started, I took all my breaks.

5:30 I moved the car to the garage and charged it, and took my personal laptop to the main cafeteria seating area, which was almost empty. Had to keep my coat & hat on because the air conditioners were on full blast. At 6:30, like magic, a huge crowd appeared. Dinner was served. I grabbed a bowl of split pea soup.

Home by the back roads at about 6:30 when the car said it was charged. Made a Marie C chicken tenders & mac & cheese dinner. Had an ice cream, sandwich or two for dessert. Watched another Sherlock episode on Netflix. The one where he commits suicide, after Moriarty shoots himself. Apparently, to both of those.

The foxy babe at Scotland Yard who calls Sherlock "Freak" has not aged well over 3 years. Sad, she started out very pretty.

Plans for tomorrow:
same as today, probably
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Slept okay. Spook climbed onto my leg for a moment at 6:40, then ran off. Checking the webcams today she was in plain sight most of the time, either in the bedroom or office cat beds, on the cat tree looking out the porch window or perched in the bay window.

Work commute was a bit of a slog, whoever designed the 101 interchanges must have had mortal combat in mind. All of the on-ramps happen just before the off-ramps, so incoming has to battle outgoing. Hwy 85 especially is designed for maximum obstruction, two incoming lanes become one "exit-only" lane which I need to get into to make my exit.

Worked in the hole all day, finished up the smoke test, sent the results to Boss. I did some of the half-hour video playing tests, one of them impressed me - casting 4K Youtube videos to a TV from an Android phone. Looked brilliant. Reading the docs, it turns out the person at Google in charge of that feature is someone I gave a job to at a streaming media company which was later bought by Microsoft, where he worked for a long time after I bailed. I suspect we'll meet up one of these days. It was an interesting hire. His father was the CEO, and he's Jr., but the parental units were long ago divorced and she raised him. His dad's latest wife had been in rehab with the friend I took to the company cruise. Small world.

Took my breaks again. Lunch was Safeway pulled pork & macncheese, the pork was horrible - way too spicy - but the mac was okay. Dessert was an apple turnover, nuked for 30 seconds, probably only needed 12.

Straight home by back roads at 5:30, lots of traffic, and people DWS.

Found Spook in the bathroom. Had done laundry, unloaded the dryer and put the whites away. Pulled T-shirts for the trip, and undies and socks. The dino knapsack is ready. No laptop this trip, probably just the tablet. And camera with 50mm fixed lens & extra batteries. And chargers. Made reservations for park n fly at the Doubletree in SJ. Will need to leave work at about 4:30 Friday. Should not be a problem.

Watched the next Sherlock episode. 15 minutes of content in an hour and a half. 30 minutes of horribly bad angsty special effects. Nice to see Cumberbatch's very talented parents playing his parents.

Dinner was my favorite Marie C chicken. Ice cream sandwich for dessert. Diet orange soda.

Oh and I also ordered a pair of slip-on shoes by the same company which made the short boots I have been wearing and enjoying but are a PIA to put on. And also ordered a Canon ink cartridge which for some reason they don't include in their refill kit for my printer.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe duck over to the Pear Avenue Theater for a show. Probably need to make reservations, it's a small theater.
Put some gas in the tank. Friday's driving will drain the battery before I get to the airport parking lot.

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