Jan. 26th, 2017


Jan. 26th, 2017 11:08 pm
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Spook is getting braver, she is coming closer to my hand when she does her 6:30 am walk over my legs. She thinks it's time for me to get up. It is NOT. :-(

Started out 10 minutes late, but that was okay, there was still parking close to the elevator in the big garage. I brought my hand truck, and Boss was all for me hauling my server and its associated wires & stuff over to the hole. It was pretty easy getting it into the car, but parking at the hole was packed - some kind of newbie orientation in the next building, and its parking lot was half roped off for the semi-weekly auto detailing (a free service to FTEs). So I had to wheel the equipment twice as far as planned, but I only sweated a little bit.

Got everything set up in a few minutes, and it all worked right off the bat. Even the proxy connection to corpnet.

I ran the automation test for a couple of hours, enough time to know the issue was with the MacBook, not any of the things I was testing.

Boss also had me re-do a version number survey because she'd gotten an updated form. I only saw one difference from the previous form, it included a keyboard language layout which had been missing.

Lunch was turkey tetrazini.

Started the full automation test, monitored it till quitting time, then headed to my favorite cheap gas station, put 5 gallons in, and went home on the gas (hybrid) engine. So I'll be okay tomorrow when I run out of battery on the way to the airport.

Dinner was Marie C beef bits & mashed. Note to self: Kraft Parmesan cheese doesn't melt in the microwave when it's on top of mixed veggies.

Watched the first 1/2 of Timeless, but the bad guys are winning, and they have decided to make the Lone Ranger black. And his companion is only slightly native, mostly not. They lost me when they launched into a 5-minute campfire chat about the morality of killing the bad guy. BORING. And poorly written.

The rent bill arrived, they put it in a very wet park mail slot with the gummed seal tucked in, so it was stuck to the soaked paper. Cold month, cost me $100 more than last month for power & gas.

Also in the slot was a letter from the corporation saying the city has passed an ordinance requiring them to mark all the curbs in the parks as fire lanes. I'm pretty sure that's not what the city council meant. But who cares?

Plans for tomorrow:
Leave by 4:30 for SJC parking
6:55 flight to SEA
Arrive too late for Dr. Mary's concert - Conflikt finally published the schedule, too late by a long shot.

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