Feb. 11th, 2017

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A memory miracle happened, and I found most of the photos I took while being a studio cameraman in 1969 at the Seattle ABC affiliate. In addition to the news, we had a daily talk show, and sometimes there were famous guests. The one set of pix I didn't find in the stash were the ones of Tiny Tim, or of Don McGaffin. McGaffin started out as the station's investigative reporter, but he ended up hosting this talk show. I was a fan  until he started showing up drunk. His news crew kept him from getting on the set that way. There was always someone ready to stand in.

What I did find was my infatuation with the very sexy Shari Lewis. I'd watched her puppet shows on TV since forever, but seeing her in person was a whole 'nother thing. On the TV all we saw was her head and hands, but IRL she was this super-hot, petite strawberry blonde. Gymnast thighs, and well endowed for such a tiny woman. I remember one of the kids in the audience asking her if she bought her clothes in the little girls' section, and her answer was that while she was as short as a child, she was not shaped like one. That got a chuckle from the crew.

Another sexy guest was Charo, who was a little on the chunky side, but boy could she play guitar!  And what a forceful personality.

And they put her on the same show as Mrs. Miller,
https://youtu.be/fw07CDid0JM whose husband was rich enough to get her horrible voice on vinyl.

And of course the main reason I was looking was for photos of Prof. Irwin Corey who passed away recently at the age of 102. He looked that age in 1969. I found some of him too.

Photos here:

How did I sleep? Not too badly, l not too well. Could have used some Ibuprofen. Spook started out the night camped next to the shower, but the first time I woke up she was in the cat bed by the laundry hampers, so I kept the bathroom door closed the rest of the night. The light from the street lamp bothers me.

Out of bed & on the road 15 minutes early, traffic was fairly light, I could have taken the freeway all the way had I known.

Automation Guy called as I was gathering breakfast from the break room, I called him back later. One of the new hires eating breakfast recognized the ringtone's singer, and was wearing a musicals T-shirt from wherever he was from.

I had the hole to myself till after lunch, and just before lunch Boss got me access to the bits I needed to upgrade the TV on my desk and start testing. So I had actual work to do all afternoon. Much of it was watching Youtube movies. Monday I'll move on to movie movies, and maybe Netflix. It's no longer a challenge to find 4K videos, but it's rare to have actual movies, especially free ones, with actual talking heads. Mostly it's nature with a narrator and audio loops.

Lunch was turkey tetrazini, and Thin Mints. Two different groups walked through on tours. 6 others were parked there on laptops or having lunch.

Left work about 15 minutes late, wanted to make sure the screen saver kicked in, because there's a >1 day test for it.

Not a lot of traffic, I'm guessing lots of people were headed for the ski slopes this weekend. Apparently there is a lot of snow up there and the weather forecast is for sunny & clear.

No snow in SF, but the forecast is for sunny & clear, so Plan A is the Giants Fan Fest.

Dinner was a trio of steamed pork buns, and ice cream sandwich while watching Sherlock. This one was a beast, as they tried to put us inside his head as he was high on 7% or more. It was a strange and forced ode to women's suffrage 100 years ago. Probably the worst episode so far.

Scanned in the photos, several at a time and then used some Photoshop tricks to cut and paste them into individual pix and straighten them. 6 of Charo, three more of her with Mrs. Miller, 7 of Corey, 18 of Shari. Also 2 of Mr. & Mrs. Leisy, who were elderly mentors for my big sister & me back then. I got them audience tickets for one of the shows.

Huge discrepancy in what Quicken shows I owe on my Visa card and what Visa says I owe. It's in my favor, but only half of it was my entering the Conflikt hotel bill twice (once when I made the reservation, which had not cleared, and once when I paid the bill on exiting, for slightly fewer $$). And my Conflikt registration has also not cleared, I'm chalking that up to Beth not being available to handle con business. But those two items are only half the amount.

Plans for tomorrow:
Caltrain to SF, wear my Giants jacket, bring my camera. Free fanfest at AT&T park.
3-ish back to Sunnyvale, maybe will get home in time to got to my wife's retirement party.
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It has been cloudy and raining for a couple of weeks, so this morning's sudden sunshine was a nice surprise. But it meant not going to a going-away party for a pair of neighbors so I could get to the one express train to SF on time. In my rush I forgot my phone, but I did have my tablet with ebooks loaded. It's a wifi only tablet, and there's no wifi on Caltrain. The big event was the annual SF Giants baseball team's fanfest #SFGFest. I'd never been before, probably because usually in mid-February it's cold and wet in SF.

I wore my Hawaiian style Giants shirt, standard black with orange letters SF baseball cap, and a heavy faux leather SF Giants stadium jacket with lots of branding. I bought it at a discount when the same jacket plus championship patches was being sold for 3x as much after the 2nd world series win. Orange lining, quilted inner sleeves with quilt batting. Very warm.

It looked like at least half the train was going to the same place. It was packed - the bozos who designed the new trains made all the seats 4-somes, two facing front and two back, and pretty close together so the person you are facing needs to negotiate foot placement with you.

10:45 arrived at SF at about 11:30, a long 3 blocks to the stadium, where they had the usual metal detectors and TSA style inspection, but without the shoes idiocy. And I could keep my jacket on.

It was a long and winding path to the field, and I had to dodge several pairs of people playing catch with actual baseballs in the outfield on my way to the stands in front of the KNBR stage. The player I most wanted to see, Buster Posey, was long gone, he was in the 10 am slot. But I got to see the coach and several other key players over the next couple of hours. There was other stuff going on around the stadium, but it was a warm sunny day and after half an hour I scored perfect seats for taking photos of the interviewees. One seat for me, another for my jacket & knapsack.

Photos can be found here. There are a lot of good ones. I didn't get nearly enough eye candy pictures because mostly people were in a crowd and it was a game of peek-a-boo, or they were rapidly walking up the aisle. The police person who was stationed between the main body of standing fans and the stage was guarded by a woman wearing short sleeves and sporting ornate arm tattoos.

During commercial breaks (the fest is a KNBR event) the players would take off their headsets and go to the edge of the stage to sign autographs, and often this police person would help by handing items from fan to player and back. Most of the players eventually jumped into the crowd and signed stuff, as well.

The one down side is my great photo shoot seats came with unhearable audio. There were a couple of low-powered speakers aimed sort of at us, but the bass was up so high the words were not understandable. The audio was also being piped around the stadium, so the seats way up by the concourse could hear, but they were too far for photos.

There was a lot of swag for sale, but I have everything Giantish I need.

The event was due to end at 3, the next train home was 3:15, so when it was clear that no new talent was going to come on stage, I bailed at 2:45. It was a long walk to the station, the exit was on the opposite side of the stadium from the one I entered. But I got there with 10 minutes to spare. This was an older train, which has lovely single seats facing front in the south half of the car and facing back in the north half. Downstairs there are 4-somes, but usually there is a table between the facing pairs. Anyhow, not very crowded going home.

At one of the stops, there is a sign written on the side of a Mexican restaurant facing the station which says "Birthplace of the Mission Style burrito" which I finally remembered to make a note of and look up. Total BS. Turns out the reason it is called the Mission Style is it was invented either in SF's Mission District 30 miles away, hence the name.

I was home in time to go to the retirement party, but my tummy declared a glorious revolution which kept me from going far from the throne room until well after the party was probably done. So I processed the fan fest photos instead.

Also caught up on email, and checked FB just enough to see reactions to photos I posted yesterday, and to post some fan fest pix. Lots of fans and baseball freaks on my friends list.

Dinner was ha gow and steamed bits of roast duck while watching Shark Tank. One of the applicants was a former Peace Corps volunteer looking to help the villages he worked in with a sustainable acai-based fruit snack. Nobody bit.

Plans for tomorrow:
Spray for weeds in the driveway cracks.
Maybe weed the garden
If it's nice out, sit on the porch & read
Coffee w/Janice

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