Mar. 13th, 2017

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The web site for entering my time worked has been down since Friday. It bears a notice saying it will be up by Sunday at 10 pm GMT. Here it is almost that time Tuesday, and it's still down and the notice has not changed. :-(

The combination of the My Pillow and the $10 Target pillow worked well. Spook mostly slept in the BnB. Once in a while she would jump onto the window sill. The jersey pillowcases did their job and kept me dry.

Boss missed our meeting, she was injured while springing forward. No worries, I had plenty to do. Finally got new software for a *real* prototype TV which I'd been waiting for since January. Started running tests using a beta program, with less than stellar results. Will revert to the standard software tomorrow.

Had to go in the side door to the break room because whatever bozo was leading the visitors was jabbering at them with their backs against the front door. SOP is to jabber at them in the spacious hallway not blocking any entrances.

There was some eye candy, but not much and they were quickly herded into the lecture room.

Lunch was Lean Cuisine pot stickers & fried rice. Not bad. Thin mints for dessert. Snacked on baby round cheese in easy to separate in half wax a la Gouda.

Left at 5:30 after sharing my afternoon results with Boss via Drive.

Traffic was light - I almost took 101 home. It would have been faster, but I had a jones for Togo's for dinner and the next 2 lunches. The one on the way from the IFH is so slow! They need twice the staff, and twice the food prep equipment. They have enough space for both. There's a popular bar in there, one would think with the traffic they get they would ramp up. Meatball sandwich for dinner, pastrami for tomorrow lunch and asian chicken salad for either dinner tomorrow or lunch the day after.

Home, in the mail was my mortgage statement, it seems to have gone down a few pennies. Also CHM reminding me that dues are due. And in the park slot was another announcement that the deadline is tomorrow to sign up for the St Patrick's Day dinner. They must not have many takers.

Watched some TV, but my brain was not engaged. Must have been the news.

Plans for tomorrow:
Clean the lenses in my microwave
Work - bring my Wii - it has component outputs, which I need for testing. Far better than a DVD player which may block the signals.
Maybe hang out in the big building after work with the car plugged in.

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