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May. 2nd, 2016 03:12 pm
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Because I'm not sure if I have the stamina to finish this in the hour I have.

But to start:

This was a dream in 3 acts. In between each act I woke up, the first time craving chocolate milk, the next two times the usual middle of the night pee breaks.

Act I
I am passing by some kind of event on campus. No idea what campus, but it had a green lawn, and on the lawn were about 40-50 people all dressed in the same coverall, in aqua (imagine a NASA astronaut's jump suit only in Little Mermaid color). Each had a medium sized backpack on, also aqua but with darker green straps. They were milling around, chatting with each other.

This was a lucid dream, I consciously took myself to one of the chatting groups and asked what was going on, and if I could join.

As a tall blonde woman was about to give a friendly answer, I woke up.

Act II
Same place, but this time there are more than twice as many aquas, and there is a hedgerow about knee-high in between me and them with no obvious way to cross over. I no longer have any control of this dream.

As I watch, another group, these in light brown gear, have formed an elliptical throng back beyond the aquas. They also seem older, but other than that I can't tell if there is any significant difference.

I spend a lot of time passively watching, they spend a lot of time mostly staying put, but still chatting and milling around a little.

Not the same place. Kind of a hint of Dante's Inferno or a Soylent Green factory.  There are now hundreds of them, darker green has been added as well as darker brown. There is chaos and here and there a wimper of panic.

I am handed a coverall and backpack, and sent to a part of a field where people in coveralls are helping us get naked and into the coveralls and backpack. There is a sense of urgency, but no sense of purpose. No one is talking to me, but there is a lot of indistinct conversation in the background.  

There is a blood red shadow passing over my group. Someone, still naked, bolts and screams.

And I wake up.
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Dad is having trouble connecting with something online, and I can't get it to come up on my PC. I get the laptop out of my car, find a phone cord and plug it into the modem port. I dial several numbers but never get that modem connect noise.
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A theater group is in the middle of a run of a show, I don't know which one but the costumes look like maybe Little Mary Sunshine. The lead actress is also the owner of the company, and she has an off-stage moment where she is telling me that they may have to disband if this show doesn't start attracting audiences. There are more people on stage than in the house.

There is a scene where the hero is supposed to break down a door, and for dream reasons instead he tries to smash head-first into the dryer. The dryer door opens outward, so instead of opening the door he knocks himself out. As he staggers into the green room, the owner says she is giving up.
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I am driving my older sister to a hotel in Minneapolis. I misread an exit sign and as the city fades into the distance in my rear view mirror, we are on a packed dirt road, with deep arroyos on each side. We still appear to be traveling at freeway speeds.

Each time I turn around to head back I get more lost. But I do find a hotel each time, just not the one we are looking for, and maybe not even in Minneapolis.

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I am in some foreign country, scheduled to take the train the next morning. At the same hotel are two older women (late 60s early 70s) who are also going to take that train. I don't know where the train goes, but I know it is a long ride and this is a crucial leg of my trip which I have been planning for ages. The three of us go down to the train station just to scope it out, and return to the hotel.

After we have gone back to our separate rooms, I start getting my stuff together and can't find my ticket. Panic. Call the ticket office and they are sold out for tomorrow's train so I buy one for the next day. Then I think maybe I don't need the actual ticket tomorrow. The next morning I wake up, look out my window and see the train at the station. After half a minute it pulls out. 

I open up my envelope with the travel paperwork. Sure enough there is a grid showing seating,  my name is on it, but there's a note below my name: "has been advised".  At the top of the page is a severe weather advisory. I guess I didn't need to have the ticket after all, but now it's too late. I'm going tomorrow, anyway. Looking at my passport because I can't remember when it expires. I kn ow my driver's license expires this year. Trying to find the page in the passport with the expiration date, but it is all a fading blur as I wake up.

All of which prompts me to pull out the fireproof box from the closet, and check. My passport is good through 2018. Whew.
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I am moving, and two strapping young Russian men arrive with a U-Haul truck, but I have not boxed anything up yet. They have no problem with this, and start by removing furniture and items which don't need to be in boxes. Meanwhile I am frantically looking for boxes. Which I eventually find a vertical stack of. But I notice I have not seen the movers in an hour or more, I wonder what's up. I find them in the basement (which IRL I do not have one of), moving all the stuff in there into the truck. I start thinking that this move is going to take several days, and go back upstairs to box things up, but am paralyzed by the huge task which that is. The Russians are just stevedores, porters, they are not there to pack things.
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Two days ago I noticed a blister on my left foot, just below the big toe. There were also tiny blood blisters on the side of foot parallel to the blister. All night I tossed and turned, dreaming about the USB implant in that side spot, and how I could not reach it to plug in my iPod.
Yesterday my trip to a Honda dealer was a FAIL when the rep did not know how to activate the voice command system. I went onto Youtube and found the answer later. All night I tossed and turned, dreaming about variations on voice commands. "I need Chinese food" and "Find me pizza" were the most over-use. Regardless of what I said, the nav system would find it, and then display a map with no street names on it. Just like IRL. :-( 
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I'm on a beach in Thailand, relaxing. It's boring so I decide to go to the city. I;m not sure which city, but I've been there because I know where to find a cheap hotel. Turns out the toilets are backing up, so I go out looking for this place I had stayed in before on Soi 15, but when I get outside I am on Soi 6, and the numbers are not going in the direction I am expecting, and I get lost on a street which is divided with half of it at my level and half of it about 5' higher. There is a European style bakery/cafe which has yummy stuff on display so I go in.

The blonde behind the counter is very ditsy, and has a Bronx accent. I order a piece of cake and a mocha, but when I point to the cake I want, the cake display changes to a hodge podge of assorted cake slices arranged in concentric circles. She grabs the first slice she can, drops it a few times into the display and finally gets it onto a plate. Then she disappears inside the back room, I think she is going there to make my mocha because I don't see any of the usual machines out front. All this time there is a gaggle of English-speaking women behind me, chattering away and generally being annoying.

I take my cake to a table and sit down, and soon [ profile] caprine comes in, wearing hot pink, with a matching over-the-shoulder bag with huge gold circles linked together to form the part between the leather strap and the bag. She joins me, we talk, completely ignoring the fact that we are both in a western bakery in Thailand. I mean, as if this was ordinary. The waitress finally appears with a bucket filled with various 3-ounce glass bottles on ice. She plucks out one with brown liquid, saying "you ordered a mocha?" and puts it down in front of me. I ask what I owe, and she says something like 4.95, but I don't know which currency that it, so I open my wallet and all I see at first are USA $10 bills, but then I see what looks to me IRL like postcards which have scenes from famous British historical events on them, which she recognizes as UK money. I reach into my other pocket and feel my keys in there, but not my car keys, which I keep on a removable connector with my other keys. Somehow my car keys are on the table, I re-connect them with my other keys but leave them all on the table.

I give her a 5 and say keep the change and she gushes a lot, and tells [ profile] caprine what a lucky person she is to know such a generous guy, and I tell her "she's a very special friend".
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There was a rehearsal in a room at the back of the convention center. I always have trouble finding that room, but I saw someone from the cast and followed him in. I sat next to Connie, who loaned me her score. I had a couple of sheets of hand outs and a pencil too. I was in the chorus, so when they started bringing the leads up on stage to show us what bits they had already learned I decided to duck out to take  look at my cell phone. I was also all WTF because this was supposed to have been the first rehearsal, so how come people had already learned their scenes?

I handed Connie all the stuff I had been holding, and left. There was a science fiction convention going on. I found a quiet corner to check out my cell phone and saw the problem right away, it was programmed for Toronto. After poking around a little I found a program on it which could set u0p the phone for several different countries, but when I tried to change it from Toronto to San Jose, it showed me an ad for Vancouver, BC which was hard to get rid of. Somehow by mistake I set the phone for Israel. Frustrated, I started looking for the app to remove it, but it wasn't listed in the "manage apps" screen. It must be on a chip. I opened the bottom of the phone and saw there were four slots for standard size SD chips, and removed the three that were there. One was a multi-colored design, and it was the one I was looking for, one was black with white writing which said English for Japanese student, which explained a lot. I had bought the phone on eBay, unaware it had been jailbroken to use in Canada by someone from Japan.

I went back to the convention, where I had a table with a desktop PC and a docking station for the cell phone. I plugged in the cell phone and used the PC connection to remove a large number of malware from the phone. There were five or six other tables in the room with guys using their laptops and desktops. One by one they disappeared - con security said the tables had been stolen. I saw a white guy in a red t-shirt with an armload of tattoos and a black guy in a winter coat carry of the table next to me. A few minutes later the white guy tried to push the power button on my desktop, but I slapped him down and he went away. The black guy came around while I was doing something on the phone and tried to take my table, but I yelled for security. Someone from the convention looked in from a far door and said there was no security. I said she should call the police.

When I turned around my table and PC were gone, but the cell phone was in my hand, so at least I had that. I had completely forgotten about the rehearsal, and panicked when I remembered I needed to get back there.

I couldn't remember how to get there, and after rushing through the hallways, waving to fannish friends and apologizing on the run for having a rehearsal to get to, I found myself at the aquarium, which in the dream was at the farthest end of the convention center.

I turned around to go back and that's when I woke up.
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I am in some kind of hospital or asylum or halfway house and the loudspeaker says I am to come to the office. At the office they tell me to get my things together, I have been chosen to go to the place for dream therapy. I ask if that means I won't be able to go to auditions.

Email says auditions are at Santa Clara U, and I drive there and park, but I forgot to bring the email and can't remember where on campus it it. I start walking and am soon on a dirt path leading somewhere rural which looks like it is outside of San Diego, except across the water and behind a hill I can see Hangar One as a prominent landmark.

I get farther away, into a heavily wooded area which is also lined with houses - I am on the right, on the upper side of a divided road, 10 feet or so below on the left are th houses on the other side of the road. I know I have walked too far in the wrong direction, and have heard warnings about being alone in unfamiliar places so I turn around. There is a path perpendicular to the one I'm on, I take it.

It is a combination farm and industrial area, and some men in robes and turbans are inside what looks like either a warehouse or a barn, while another is using a pickax to prepare for expansion of the space. He puts that down and picks up what looks like an inflatable torpedo toy, he makes some adjustments on it and on a radio controller box on the ground.

A young boy joins me on my walk, holding the inflatable torpedo on a string. It floats a few feet above us. After we have walked about 100 yards another topedo-like object flies from the warehouse area, homes in on the inflatable, and bumps it just enough to make contact. They both stay in the air. The boy smiles at me, says it worked and goes back from whence he came.

I remember the auditions are at Louis B Mayer Theater, and as soon as I walk through the front door I am pulled aside by a woman who tells me she wants me to sing three songs. She names them, I have heard of only one. A long-ago TheatreWorks castmate stands alongside the music stand as page turner. The "music" is only lyrics. A piano starts playing and I am encouraged to sing, but I have never heard this tune but I fake it pretty well until I come to a part where, and some of the lyrics are written in by hand and I cannot read the writing.
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Apple has called me in for a screening. It is upstairs at some conference center, the logo/name of the recruiting company is printed in red multiple times in a continuous line across the top of the wall, all the way around the room. It's in a stylized script like a modernized Coca Cola font. I can't make it out, but it may say "elite".  A young man in a suit tells me my interview is tomorrow, with John Madden, in the major appliances section somewhere else. I get the impression it is a Sears store.

I am on the escalator in a department store, I find the washers and dryers and John Madden is in a white lab coat, sitting at the manager's desk, waiting for me. This is the football player aged Madden, still a redhead, in good shape. I sit down and hand him my paperwork, but he already has a copy. He asks me several computer tech questions, and I feel the interview is going well. But I tell him I am really not interested in working for Apple, I have a good job and really just came to see if it was really him.
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I am over at Dina's house, I am going to go to see a movie on campus, Dina is a staff or faculty member so she has a parking permit on her car, and she and her daughter are trying to figure out a way to drive me to the movies and save me the expensive parking fee. We all have cars, but the kicker is they are not going to the movie, and while they could get me there, I'd be stuck. I finally get frustrated with the dead end suggestions, get in to my car and drive there. I park in a less expensive campus garage which happens to be much closer to the movie than Dina's permit parking.

I've seen the movie, and am walking Dina back to her car all the way across campus. As we walk up the ramp of the garage, a young women, maybe 23 or so, is also walking parallel to us. She has very curly dark hair, which forms an afro-like shape. She makes a beeline toward me, Dina splits off towards her (Dina's) car and the woman and I banter a little, then she plants a kiss on my mouth which turns into a deep French kiss. She tells me her name but I don't catch it, I give her my card, which makes her laugh, in an "as if I will call you" way, but she opens her purse and puts it in her wallet. 

I walk back across campus heading for my car.
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very short dream as I was waking up:
A tall slender blonde woman (past shoulder length wavy very light blonde hair) in a black lace-trimmed dress is at my cubicle entrance, half of her is hidden behind the cube wall. She leans in and gestures for me to come with her. I say something like "it's goodbye, then?" knowing I am being laid off.
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I'm driving some friends, we are in somewhere in Berkeley, when a gang who looks like they are out of the cast of a Grease copycat musical walk across the street in front of us. I stop to let them pass, but they stop too, the line blocking the road. After a minute they cross. I drive another half a block, and there they are again, blocking the road. They are taunting me to drive into them, but eventually let me through. This goes on four or five times. There is a muscular young man with his shirt open who is especially vocal and taunting, and he sidesteps at the last second.

I tell my friends that next time I'll hit him, and they take that as a suggestion to get out of the car.

I am on a 1-way, 2-lane road, I am in the left lane. At the next intersection it becomes a two-way road. He is standing in the middle of the lane I am in, on the other side of the intersection. I signal to merge right, but the cars quickly fill up the gap and won't let me. There is no traffic from the other direction, and the guy is daring me to hit him as I angle to merge out of the lane. I am driving at half an mph, he stands his ground shouting something about Berkeley's pedestrian right-of-way law, and as my bumper touches his leg he does a phony stage fall away from me, holding onto his leg, still shouting.

I don't see any cops, but to be safe I head toward a shop on my left which has its door open. Somehow I am riding my bicycle now, and the shop looks like it is either a children's bike store or a place where children park their bikes. The floor is hardwood, so probably the latter. As I put down the kick stand, I say to myself "If the cops take away my bike, I can always take BART home".
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Last night I was so upset with the unsafe set and the staff's cavalier way of placing people on it, after announcing that safety was their #1 concern, that my brain refused to stop cranking. at about 2 I went to the kitchen, made some chocolate milk, sat in the recliner and watched about 1/4 of an old Star Trek episode on Amazon Prime (via blu-ray player). Back to bed around 3. Domino was on the bed a lot, but she mostly spent the night huddled under the chair in the bedroom. It's one of her favorite spots. Go figure.

Finally got to sleep. Up at 6:45, 15 minutes before the alarm. Dashed off a note to the staff saying I don't feel safe on the balcony, please re-block me to a lower altitude. Half hoping they would try to convince me to try it again, which would be my cue to leave the show, which has been a royal pain in the butt and rewardless time sink. We'll see what happens.

I'm not called for rehearsal tonight.

We also have Saturday off, so I'm going to go to Best Buy and price a new in-dash system and car alarm, and schedule an installation for Saturday. Plan A. Plan B is to go to a car audio shop Saturday and do the same.

3 pm, feeling the sleep deprivation kicking in. Dropped my car off this morning for its 50k maint. and while they gave me a ride to work, they don't give rides back. I'll hitch with one of my cow-orkers. Two who used to be good for that have started biking to work.
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Dreamed I could tell people's fortunes by throwing fireplace ashes at them. People (mostly women) lined up for hours for a reading.
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I was getting ready for a formal family event, and had put on my favorite suit jacket, it was a very light blue with black or navy pinstripes. Looking in the mirror, I see the back of the jacket has developed a train, dragging on the ground, and I am sure this is the back lining of the jacket having ripped a seam. But the train is the same material as the jacket, not liner material. I know I can't go like this, but wake up before deciding whether to get out the sewing machine or finding another jacket, which means finding different pants and tie too.
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I'm washing kitchen items in the sink. A blender, a butter dish and one other item I don't recognize. Some kind of thick glass container. The blender had been used to fine-chop peanuts for ice cream topping, and it was difficult to get all the pulverized peanuts out, but I managed after some time. I placed each of the items next to the sink to dry.

Some time later, I returned to put the items away, and they were all lined on the inside corners with crushed peanut. I washed them again, put them aside again, and the same thing happened.

This repeated three times, each time the washing was more difficult, the peanuts just wouldn't completely wash off. I finally gave up, figuring that over time they would dry out enough to fall off by themselves.
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Justin Bieber's bar mitzvah. I am the band leader. Typical band for a 500-seat event, an upright bass, a drummer, sax who doubles on clarinet, electric guitar. I have my trumpet, but I probably won't be playing it. The bar mitzvah boy gets up onstage to sing, I lay on a ton of schmaltz. He looks cute in a yarmulke.

Key of C, he says. He starts singing a Sinatra tune. Something from Pal Joey. The band knows it and follows him well. He takes his bow to more of my schmaltz and polite applause. Him mother is in a mink stole, she gives him a hug as he comes offstage and says something encouraging. I call for another round of applause.

Something about a space ship and speed bumps.
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I am on vacation. As usual I am by myself, which lets me go places on impulse whenever I want. In theory I am visiting Bangkok, but the place looks more like what I would imagine Milan or Barcelona would look like. I have made a conscious decision to search out the lower income districts, taking mass transit.

My first trip is on the monorail, and a couple of stops in, we go up a section which is like the start of a roller coaster ride - slow and almost straight up. Then we go down a slide-like section "wheeee!" and coast to the next stop. I get off at the last stop, and am surrounded by tall brick buildings.

I wander around, there is not much to see here.

I take two or three more transit rides, and finally it is time to find a hotel or something. The "or something" is a slum apartment where I rent a room. I am there long enough to turn the patio into a kitchen, with a camp stove and grill and a folding table and chairs. I have a single bed with Italian-looking white sheets and bed covers.

And now it is time to move out, vacation is over. The landlady, an attractive woman with an alabaster complexion, long black hair and blue eyes, has hired two men to help strike the patio since I have no way to cart away this stuff. They are both men I know IRL, though I can't place them. One is in his 20s, the other is closer to my age. They spend a lot of time staring at all the stuff, and the older one starts making a fuss about how much they will be paid. I tell him the landlady hired him, ask her. He tells her that $10 an hour is not enough. She says he isn't getting $10 an hour. She rattles off some numbers to calculate what the job is worth, and asks me to do the math.

I look at the numbers, but my brain freezes up, I can't do the math. I find my old HP calculator, afraid that its battery may be dead. The battery is fine, but the display is too dirty to read. Older helper keeps complaining, and throwing out more numbers and excuses. I open the patio door to the street, and push/guide him out, telling him I am done with his arguing, he's fired.

I am back on the monorail, going back the way I had come, which means the big uphill climb will be a big downhill slide, and I go "wheee!" out loud. The other passengers glower at me.

There is still one night of vacation, I think I'll get a room at the Intercontinental.

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