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Way behind because work and Little Shop has eaten all my time. And thanks to the way too late rehearsals (a disorganized director who has zero consideration for anyone's time) I did the opening weekend with a cold. Dayquil, Nyquil and extra vitamin C have helped, but it's no fun singing with a scratchy throat and putting out an effort with a fever and runny nose.

Audiences were small-ish but very appreciative. Lots of laughs, major applause. The theater holds about 300, we've been maybe 1/3 full. Enough for critical mass.

Another thing about the director is he either has pretty low standards or lies a lot. He tells us the show is "golden" and has major praise for the incredible talents of the cast and crew. Most of the cast and crew are still in, or just out of childrens' theater. It shows.

On the other hand, I'm not embarrassed to be in it. There is a lot of raw talent, everyone is doing their best.
Yesterday the sun came out, and after staying in bed till noon, I went to Home Despot, bought painting paraphernalia, came home and painted the shed as per the community manager's missive. I should have done that months ago and glad it is done.
This evening after the show I stopped off at the grocery and bought what fixings for chicken soup I didn't have, and some that I did but preferred fresh to frozen. The cauldron is on the stove as I type, an hour into its process of rendering down. I had to siphon off about a quart of liquid, it already tastes pretty good. What is in it, you ask?
Chicken giblets
Chicken legs & thighs
Chicken stock
sliced carrots
sliced celery
sliced and chopped parsnip
sliced and chopped onion
kafir lime leaves
mint leaves
water to cover

The pot is too full, too many legs & thighs, but those should boil down eventually so I can slice in some fungus.

Garbage has been taken out, planning on being in bed by 10.

Plans for tomorrow:
Possibly concurrently

Back by FM

Jan. 28th, 2014 02:24 am
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The M stands for Magic.

Somehow the Seamagic connection to LJ mysteriously fixed itself. I'm back to offline editing with full wysiwig features.

Monday Monday, can't rust that day. Everyone knows that no oxidation occurs on Mondays, especially of one's brain cells.

Up with the alarm, for the 5th time in so many weekdays started to change the alarm radio channel from KOMO in Seattle to something else, and for the 5th time reminded myself that it's more interesting than waking up to a Bay Area station until the Superbowl is over.

After that, probably not so much. Read more... )

I'd had a difficult night, thanks to scarfing up way too many cheezy poofs without first lactose-proofing my tummy. Finally fell asleep about 2:30, and had to be up and out the door before 9 to be at work with enough time to dry run the demo I was giving at the 10 o'clock meeting.

Accomplished that somehow. Demo was visited briefly by Murphy, but one of my teammates pointed out that the firewall I had disabled last week was back. Nuked that and had a flawless demo.

By lunchtime the gastro-intestinal was still unsure of itself, so as I aimed the car in the general direction of food, I let my combination steering wheel/dowsing rod steer me to where there was fiber. Denny's wheat pancakes FTW. IHOP might do them better, but they are in the opposite direction and lunchtime service is glacial.

Left work at 5:30 to get to downtown SJ in time to get a good seat for the 6:30 show at Camera 12. There is no good way to get there from work before 7 pm when the commuter lanes open to all, and I didn't get there till 6:20. Turns out the FB event had the time wrong, it actually was a 7 pm start. :-( But that meant I got a good seat, right in front of the cast. One of my best buddies from Menlo Players days was the lead character in this indie, called The Devil in White. It's a sci-fi slasher flick. A scientist develops a white powder which enhances the senses. Rub it on your eyes, you can see better. But over time it will draw away from your other senses. And it gas cocaine/LSD-like side effects. Well acted, a tightly written  script, very good makeup and effects for an indie, some audio drops and a few abrupt transitions, but generally well directed and edited. And all the women in it are sexy. Even the mom. Which was nice because they were sitting right behind me. I don't usually like slasher thrillers, but I had a good time. Better than BASFA, but fewer puns.

Home, Domino kept yelling at me, she hates it when I am not home to give her treats at a reasonable hour. Banquet piece-o-crap alleged chicken fried steak dinner, yummy fudge brownie ice cream for dessert.

During the day, the director of Sunnyvale Players' upcoming Little Shop of Horrors messaged me on FB asking if I was interested in auditioning for Mushnik. I don't know him, don't know who suggested me (my last gig there was in 2000), so it's quite a compliment. They are doing the version where Mushnik sings, which I am not familiar with, so I told him I'd have to check on the piano if I had the G2-F4 range they listed on the audition sheet. I did that tonight, I have more than that range (F4 turns out to only be F above middle C), so I messaged him about that. But I also saw on the sheet what it was which kept me from auditioning, they were going to make everyone dance. So I added to the message that I don't dance anything more intensive than character dances (I am not someone who benefits from extensive warmups or can stay upright through a production number). I suspect that will be fine. Next step is to arrange a time/place to read & sing for him. I looked him up online, he appears to be directing his first show, and his background is the SF comedy competition in 2006 with a routine which made fun of The Annoying. Parts of it were clever, parts were annoying & stupid. But he showed good comic timing.

Plans for tomorrow:
Wait for the piano tuner, due at 10.
Work from home while he's raising the pitch (right now A is 433 instead of the desired 440) and tuning, and making any necessary repairs. I need to ask if it's possible to put wheels back on the thing.
To the office, if there is time
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[ profile] susandennis has been complaining about colorful skin, and I have been attacked by dozens of skin tags. But it all pales compared to this:
Cut for gruesome TV anchor medical TMI )


Dec. 19th, 2013 02:10 am
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But first, happy birthday to [ profile] smallship1, [ profile] howbearca and [ profile] mettemu!

So my UK cousins sent me their annual letter in Microsoft Publisher format. There are no known third party readers for this format, and I did not have it on my machine, but I thought it was part of my Office 2010 DVD, which meant I needed the disc & its license code, which were in one of the 87 boxes still unopened in the 3rd BR. This morning I opened about 6 of the more likely ones, did not find it. After work I opened 4 more, found it, and read the list of apps, Publisher was not one of them.

Coincidentally, my copy of Outlook stopped working, somehow completely disappeared from the machine. It would not re-install from the DVD after 2 tries I punted.

Office 2013 is only $99 for the download, includes all the apps, 1-year subscription, so I got that. I was able to read the .PUB file, which included a lovely photo of the cousins, and also restored Outlook, complete will all the data files. But they have traded the professional looking UI into something which looks like it was designed by kindergarteners with a very limited supply of pastel colored crayons. :-(

Work went more quickly than usual, the part of the spec I'm reading is new information, had to pay attention. Also tried the new espresso machine, did two demitasse shots, which may have helped. Lunch was a trip to Fry's to look at cable modems, but they didn't have anything better than what's on its way from Amazon. I did pick up an N network dongle for the PC but it turned out to not be the dual band one, so i will be filed. Not worth returning.  Was not feeling too hungry, so just lived on the snacks in my cooler.

Had a long chat with Automation Guy about the specs.

1-on-1 with the boss was a lot of braindump. He handles those well. One reason I wouldn't make it as a manager.

Home, eager to find that Office DVD. Tackled two more projects. Moved my microwave off the counter, onto a temporary cart which is too small for it. Need to buy a real cart, or decide that the built-in microwave will work for me. That counter now hosts the blender & cuisinart, which clears the island for more counter space. Also put up the last of the 3 under-counter lamps. And bagged some boxes/foam which were messing up the livingroom.

Before the move, the desk drawer lost one of its two bolts, which was probably on the floor in the old apartment. The movers ought to have at least asked about it, but just leftg the drawer hanging. This evening I got on my back under the desk and saw I could borrow a bolt from another location, and it needed a hex driver. after going to the tool drawers and finding my hex bits, I was back on my back, and did the deed, which included having to unstick the driver from the bolt. When I got up, the back of my head pressed against the wooden floor protector, and I was hit with a wave of nausea, almost passed out. I couldn't shake it, so instead of dinner I fed Domino her kitty crack and went to bed. Slept for a couple of hours, was still a little woozy, so took a Dramamine and opened a bottle of diet Coke, decided I needed something salty which translated into two sausages and a cup of corn with margarine melted on it. That elped. Watched an episode of Shark Tank and Restaurant Stakeout.

And here  am, at 1:05 am, but the nap means I'm wide awake.

In other news, I peeked in on the webcams a few times during the day, and saw that Domino has found many places to park, including the top of the big cat tree, which is a place she had never gone before, under the piano bench, top of the small cat tree, window sills by the front door (one of her stair steps is there, the other is at the foot of the bed), the small round bed on the livingroom floor, the seat of the recliner, and the pillow on the sofa. Never saw her on the bed, which used to be her daytime hangout.

Plans for tomorrow:

Work. Find something to do after I finish reading the spec.
Home, football
Maybe start unpacking those opened boxes in the 3rd BR.
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This morning I was still very sore, so I filled up the tub and had a soak instead of my usual shower. The tub in this place is deep and wide and only a wee bit too short. But the depth makes up for that. I threw in some bubble bath and achieved significant bubblefication. There is enough room around the tub for Domino to circumnavigate, so she did, many times. Between the tub filled with me and the bubbles, she was mystified. I had never taken a bath before in her presence, I don't think.

My plan to get to the Los Gatos JCC by 2 was almost thwarted by the cliff-hanger ending of the Ravens game. But the network cut to commercials and the 49ers game with 4 seconds left on the clock and the final touchdown under review.

I got inside the JCC just as the director was giving his pre-show blurb. Not exactly on time, but not so late as to be forbidden entry. I would have made it before he started if there had not been security theater at the front door. Non-members had to show ID, and have their names written in the log. So if you want to do something bad, become a member. It's always the quiet ones.

The show was a reading of Tevye and His Daughters, three chapters from it. It was billed, I think, as a staged reading but there wasn't any staging to speak of. I went because I knew two of the cast, and had met the director at a pizza party while he was playing Tevye in local production of Fiddler.

They did a good job. The cast was well chosen, one man was double-cast as the tailor and the student, and he did such a good job putting on an accent and changing his personality for the latter that I didn't recognize him.

There was a talkback session afterwards, and I was very impressed by the eldest cast member, who had taken a very small part, but is obviously an experienced actress. Her bio in the program hints at that.

Janice was stuck at Mame which ran long as I knew it would. Over-choreographed shows do that. So no coffee chat.

Home, watched the wrap-ups of the football games, and most of the Saints game with bouts of unpacking. Was able to break down two livingroom boxes, and two or three kitchen boxes. My main motivation in the kitchen was to find the large glass roasting pan so I could make the duck I'd bought and defrosted yesterday. This included also finding the wood block with the kitchen knives.

According to the instructions on the duck wrapper it needed about 3 hours at 350°. I had cored & sectioned an apple, and sliced up two oranges and cut a third into 9ths. Stuffed the duck with most of the apple and some of the orange sections and covered it with orange slices toothpicked in place.

While it was cooking I watched football and set up the webcams. The layout here is very different, so except for the cam on the home theater speaker, they all went to different places. I'm not getting a signal from the last one, but I suspect that one is a knock-off, it has never worked well. I may go online and order a replacement. Also found a copy of the right Sony manual and re-adjusted the receiver to the best of the 15 surround sound choices. Finally am hearing the subwoofer. And crowd noise from the football comes from all directions.

Also installed one of my three under-cabinet kitchen lights.

Also need to replace the thermostat with an electronic one. The manual one is broken - it has long ago lost its "current temp" indicator, and the markings on the thing are so small that a tiny change can result in 5° difference. I've installed those before, it's not hard.

Plans for tomorrow:
Shop for a thermostat and a replacement for the kitchen track lighting fixture. USPS sent me a Lowe's coupon.
Home, football 
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Most of this morning was spent watching a football game I wasn't really interested in, because the ones I wanted to watch are not on free TV or ESPN here. Boo, hiss. I thought about going to the movies but my tummy was being cavalier, and it seemed better to stay where there was a pause button and a handy loo.

Was feeling settled enough to go out for the 2 pm monthly gathering of the Terrible Adult Chamber Orchestra (TACO) which bills itself as a fun, no-fault place to play (or just listen to) music. With 60 people it was not a chamber orchestra, but a symphony.

It was, however, terrible.

Not the players, most of them sounded adequate or better. But the two people conducting were awful. Everything was painfully slow. When there was a choice between conducting in different counting schemes, they always chose the most difficult one to follow. Nobody conducts in 6/8, people, it's done in 1 or 3. Slavonic Dances sounded like English country dances on Quaaludes.

The choice of arrangements was mostly poor. Worst Fiddler on the Roof medley ever.  Ditto Phantom.

An hour and a half of playing, 45 minute break to nosh, drink wine and socialize, and the balance of the 3 hours for announcements and playing. I had to leave at 5 so I missed playing  Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head so slowly I could dodge between the rain drops.

My trumpet playing was horrible. I had not played trumpet at all since leaving Seattle in 1999, and it would take a lot more practice to play in a real band. I almost kept up with the other trumpets.

Got to Starbucks just in time to meet Janice, we had a good chat. If all goes well I'll invite her to see the new place Friday, before there is a cat living there. She is gravely allergic.

During TACO time, I missed a call from my last living aunt. I'll call back tomorrow.

Got email from my rep, she says the seller will be out of "your home" by 5 pm tomorrow. I am not pleased. We moved Escrow closing a week earlier, to tomorrow at the seller's request, she was supposed to be out today. Yesterday, technically. I don't care, I'm not moving till a week from Thursday, I don't even need to be in the place to measure things till Turkey Day. It's just the principle of it all which bugs me.

Having mild anxiety moments this evening. Too many things up in the air, I guess. Still haven't heard from Humane Society about returning Kaan.

Plans for tomorrow:
Team meeting
Maybe I can haz new home. Maybe.
Day of the Doctor in 3D 10 pm maybe. I've seen it on TV, I usually don't like to see things twice in a short span of time.
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Already wished [ profile] johnnyeponymous a happy birthday, though in different words, but for someone bigger (and louder) than life, once is never enough.
When I got under the covers last night, rolled over onto my left side, Kaan curled up against my back, then Domino climbed up on my right side and parked there for about 15 minutes.

A few days ago I started keeping a log of morning and evening Hgl readings and insulin dosages. Part of this was to remind me to eat dinner before 9 pm. I am still seeing no correlations. And had a low (73) at about 11:30 after our Monday morning team meeting, despite having a banana for breakfast. Fixed that with a glucose tablet and a Snickers bar.

Meeting included a good presentation by one of our non-programmer team members who has been on loan to the group upstairs, which showed how to use my favorite software to automate their user interface. I've seen their tool, it's not nearly as good, yet he says they won't convert. I hate software religions and their closed-minded fanatics.

Lunch at Carl's Jr. I don't go there often but they are the closest eatery to the office. Must remember to ask for no whipped cream on the shake. They make an excellent east coast style shake, but the whipped cream tastes like plastic.

Boss had added back into my 2013 goals something I had taken out because there was no easy way to go back and check how much of the goal I had accomplished. It was a project everyone is on, to document in our test case database where in the engineering specifications the test was written from. Sometimes it's not in the main spec, but in a design spec for a particular feature, or a marketing spec (those are outlines more than specs). I figured out a way to at least see my own test cases, but the database choked on my search. Boss fixed it, and I saw that just from two features alone I'd done half again as many as my goal. And found one more feature which was easy to add another dozen to.

Somewhere in there the admin for the loan arranger emailed asking for my latest pay stub. I know I had already emailed it to her boss, but since I had it on my work PC I sent it to her. Then the mfg rep emailed asking which loan company I was going with - pissed me off because she works next door to the loan arranger, that's who she should have asked. I phoned back and told her.

She said someone wanted to change the escrow closing date - my target is 11/30, which she reminded me is  Thanksgiving weekend. I said a week later would be fine. Two weeks even better. She said they wanted it earlier. I said no. I didn't really hear who she said wanted it earlier. I may call and ask. If it's the seller I may change my mind. I don't have to actually move on escrow week, but I also don't want to pay 2 rents for any longer than I have to.

Work. Also watched the next hour of the IPv6 presentation. Stupid Questions™ stretched 20 minutes of material into an hour. A couple of people in the class were asking questions just to show they already knew the answers. One guy kept repeating exactly what the teacher had said, but in the form of a question. The good news is that the 20 minutes was very useful information, if IPv6 ever goes viral.

Stopped off at 7-11 for two packages. One was a 2-month supply of low-sugar Quaker instant oatmeal variety packs, my favorite at-work breakfast. The other was the Uke beginner's book which the class will be using. Or at least I think it's the same one. We'll see. Class starts on my birthday.

Home, decided Costco would make me late for BASFA, and I had moon cake tins to auction. Plus it was [ profile] johnnyeponymous's birthday and I wanted to see him auctioned off. I don't know why, but none of my jokes seemed to work tonight. Attendance was poor, but noisy, and several people bailed early, which made the final round of auctions a non-starter. I think I'll stay home for the rest of football season.

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser, serum potassium blood test (because of my latest BP meds)
?? - expecting two packages at UPS

Eh 2?

Oct. 16th, 2013 09:50 pm
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Wrapped up some stuff at work, finished taking the class which was interrupted yesterday.

Called to make an appointment for the mobile home park interview for tomorrow afternoon, but the manager is only there mornings, so made it for Friday morning. They said the paystubs will work for employment verification, no need for a letter. But they needed everything printed out because it has to be faxed. I guess they are not set up with eFax. :-(
Lunchtime dropped off the appraisal check with the loan arranger, their office is around the corner from the mfg rep. On to MV for dr. appt. but was so early had lunch first, Sono Sushi, which has been there forever but I have not been there in forever. Maybe 20 years? Empty a 2 pm, but very fast service. Excellent shrimp tempura, the only fail was there was broccoli tempura. All the other veggies were my faves. Long long shrimp. $11.

Then to Dr office, a bit early but it was a slow day and she saw me 15 minutes early. Got prescriptions for an anti-inflammatory for the elbow and a new BP med, and a request for a PT appointment. And then had my ears dropped but the nurse forgot about me, so it was 50 minutes not 30 before she did the ear wash. The right ear is still blocked, left ear seems okay. She called another nurse, who took a look and decided to send me home with another does of ear drops to soak in overnight, and then for another hour before I come in tomorrow for another wash.

Back to work, signed up for more classes. Vets called, since she will be sedated, no food for Domino after 9 pm.

Home, fired up the PC, cranked out a pound and a half of paperwork for Friday's interview.

Took the cat carrier out of the closet, straightened out the towel and sprayed it with "Bliss Mist". Kaan immediately walked inside, turned to face out and laid down.

single serve lasagna nuked for dinner, channel surfed but nothing caught.

VPNed to work, emailed HR asking for a verification letter (the loan folks still need it). Last time I faxed them, they may have ignored it as a non-company fax.

Looked at the uke class info in the catalog, it says to bring a pick. I thought I had one in my trumpet case. Took out the case, opened it up for the first time in 2 years, did not find a pick. Did find:
Several mouthpieces for trumpet and French Horn
A straight mute
A pair of drumsticks
Two soprano recorders (both wooden, one made in Germany the other in Israel)
A tube of toothpaste
A receipt from Thrifty car rentals
A few pieces of stick trumpet marching band music. A hand-written part for "Bubbles Was A Cheeleader"
The alumni edition of the UW fight song (laminated).
A full-sized book of popular tunes for piano & voice
Some of my Seattle All-City High School Marching Band year pins.

So I guess I need a uke pick. I once saw a gadget which can cut a couple of picks out of a credit card. Found one on Amazon - way too expensive. There is also a book, available online they said, but the music store which hosts the class has a non-intuitive web site, so I'll buy one in class. Or maybe online elsewhere, it's the standard Hal Leonard book.

9 pm, hid the two food towers in the closet after checking for cats.

Shot up, took meds, and here I am.

Edit add: Got a notice that someone un-friended me. The handle did not ring a bell.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up early to bring Domino to the vet by 9. Well, up when the alarm goes off.
Home, dose the ears, Kaiser MV for ear wash reprise
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Today many loose ends were tied up, tomorrow some more will be, and soon after that the waiting begins, I hope.

Today started at Kaiser, had my quarterly fasting blood test. Already have most of the results, and they are contradictory. Still waiting for the A1C which is kind of the key to everything. The best news is my cholesterol numbers have been improving dramatically.

On my way out I saw a sign there was a farmer's market in the outdoor space between the clinic and the hospital, so I went to check it out. There were two excellent vegetable stands, though the one which had stuff I would have liked to buy was still setting up. Two flower stands with lots of pretty blooms, also setting up. Salmon also setting up. Indian baked goods were ready to sell but had nothing I wanted.

So, to work. Got there at 9, at 10 drove a few blocks to the CU and had a teller deposit the check from the brokerage. Didn't trust the ATM to make it immediately available, which the teller did. So my deposit on the home is covered.

Back to work. There was actually some work to do, a new build came in on the older product, which I have one of. Verified one fix, punted another back to Engineering. They never really fixed the bug because they couldn't reproduce the customer's issue. And neither could I.

For lunch I went to Birk's, a swanky place which is supposed to be a steak house, but they don't serve any steaks at lunchtime. WTF? Had the pasta paella. It was very oily, the pasta was not something I recognized, long straight tubes slightly less in diameter than macaroni. There were small shrimps and a couple of overdone pieces of lobster claw meat, but most of the seafood was some grey fish meat. The whole thing was disappointing. Dessert was great, a small slice of chocolate and mocha fudge cake. A $3 slice for $9. Oh, yeah, a $1 cup of pretty good clam chowder appetizer for $5. The pre-meal bread was warm and tasty. Service was excellent, at first, but slowed down at the end. And even though I was all the way across the place from them, the rowdies at the bar were distractingly buzzed and loud. I should probably try it for dinner, but if they can screw up paella that bad maybe I don't want to know what they do to steak.

Not much else at work except my weekly report.

Got a call from mfg rep, she was picking up the park application and wanted me to come in tomorrow to go over disclosures and make an appointment for the park interview. Still trying to decide what costume to wear to that.

Home, was planning on seeing Gravity but then I realized I'm free Sunday matinée, which gets me the reduced price and also the senior price, without having to fight for a seat.

Dinner was in two parts. A very small Banquet entree of Swedish meatballs, then I warmed up one of the packets of Thai curried chicken drumsticks from the potluck. Need the freezer space. Mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert.

Netflix delivered a copy of Prometheus, which was recommended to me by Automation Guy. Horrible acting all around but it looked like it might turn into something interesting so I stuck with it. Until the flame thrower came out, and   the flamee exploded inside his helmet. . That's when I hit the eject button.

So here I am on the computer.

Plans for tomorrow:
Meet with the mfg rep
Dump all the dead plants in the patio planters, except the catmints, which I'll bring inside, which means finding a place to put them.
Pick up a package at UPS
Maybe watch the UW-OR game. Something tells me the Huskies are not going to look too good this time.


Sep. 25th, 2013 11:55 pm
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So the highlight of the day was a trip to the Miracle Ear hearing aid office at Sears' Valco store. They had advertised free testing and sale prices. For the past couple of years I have had trouble understanding what people are saying to me, and I was hoping there was a device which would help with this. I've had my hearing tested at Kaiser a couple of times in the last 5 years, and the results have been similar, with reasonable hearing in the voice range but loss in the upper frequencies. Yesterday I checked myself out in the upper ranges and I can hear 8,400 Hz. In 1997 I could hear almost to 15,000. A CD and most standard earphones claim 22,000. What those freqs buy you is more harmonics of things in the voice and music range. Voice is around 4,000.

They did a very quick look into both my ears with a device that threw the image up on the screen. My ear canal is packed with hair, and there were little bits of wax here and there but no blockage.

Next was the claustrophobic booth test. I made sure I could not see what the tech was doing. I had a button to push each time I heard a tone. The pattern he used was too logical, so I heard more than I would have if they had been randomized. The pattern started with my right ear, going through all the tones in order, each tone repeated 4 times at a progressively lower volume. Then the same with my left ear. There was one break in the pattern - the tones went from high frequency down the scale to low, but ended on the highest frequency, and that frequency was generated as more of a shriek than a tone, probably a piezoelectric buzzer.

After the test, they showed me a map the tech had made of my hearing response, and it looked exactly like the one from Kaiser in 2010, just a bit more loss than 2008. The salesmonster from the head office was having a hard time thinking of a way to sell me a hearing aid, it was clear he did not think his products would help me much. So I asked him to just show me the prices. Top of the line, a tiny behind-the-ear  instrument with 48 programmable channels, lists for $9k a pair, special discount this week only, $7k. I pretended that this was out of my price range at the moment, including the $200/month financing with no interest the first year. 

Looking at my two Kaiser tests, 2008 and 2010, glaringly missing from the Miracle Ear test was the word recognition series. Spoken words you are asked to repeat. Can't really test the kind of hearing loss I'm interested in without that. I suppose I should find out about Kaiser's current program.

That was in the middle of the work day. Before the test I went to lunch across from Sears at the Japanese mega-buffet which is now called Tatami. I had not allowed myself enough time for dessert.

This morning's work was taking another PPT class, this one was a 2-fer, the first part was about QAMs, which are the devices at the cable company which translate satellite feeds into images you can see on your TV. It was from the point of view of someone who has to install and service them. The second part was about a "new" technology cable companies were looking at which uses fiber optics instead of coax cable except for the last little bit between the phone pole to your house. The class was from 2007, this is now standard. But still interesting.

After the hearing test was my 1-on-1, I had some stats the boss asked for about the bug that wouldn't die, which showed it was not an out-of-memory issue. And I brought him up to date on the latest major bug one of the customers found, and tried to impress on him how critical it is, and how we missed finding it. And it also spawned another bug, a minor one about the spec being wrong.

Picked up a package at UPS after work, it was 8 2-packs of undies. I originally found them in Scotland, in the UK equivalent of Macy's, and finally found them on amazon. Since it was across the street I went to Starbucks, got a mocha, but had to sit outside, no room at the inn. And outside there was no wi-fi signal, so I went home and did some stuff on the laptop, which needed to be charged up and virus definitions updated.

Dinner was a small frozen one. Banquet. No more of those after this batch, the plastic trays melt a bit.

Tried on the undies, they are way too big. Went online and got an RMA and shipping label from Amazon for 7 2-packs (they won't take back used underwear). When I print labels from eBay, Paypal and they are formatted to print on Avery 8126, which is adhesive-backed 8.5x11 perforated at the 5.5" point, perfect for a shipping pre-paid label. Amazon won't do that, they have their own stupid form which prints the label in the center of the page with a lot of verbiage around it. So you have to tape the paper label to the package and pray.

I'll drop that off at UPS Friday, probably. Meanwhile I ordered the undies 2 sizes smaller. That should be about right.

Plans for tomorrow:
Put away the laundry
YOTB. Last rehearsal of the year

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At the team meeting, boss tried very hard to get someone, anyone, to comment on boss' boss' plans to cross train his two sets of QA engineers, but no one would bite. Several people chimed in about other things which took place at the meeting Friday. I knew if I started talking about it, the meeting would last another hour, and go nowhere. Boss' boss was at the team meeting, which he usually is. It's one thing I like about him - he comes to keep in touch, and only contrinutes when asked, or when there is something important he needs to share.

During the meeting my phone vibrated 3 times, it was my doctor's office, but it's the generic number so I didn't know which doctor. Then email saying there was a message from my doctor on the Kaiser site. It was both doctors. Main doctor asking me to keep taking the sleeping pills latest BP meds (I said no, I can do one at night and that's all) and one from diabetes doc asking for an update, and also asking if I would be willing to try a BP med I was on in 2009, which made me pee like a racehorse. I replied to him, and he called back and we had a good chat. Which reminds me I need to run the program which does my Hgl numbers and send him a list.

After the team meeting I thought I would have a boring day, so to make it less so I started looking at the corporate training offerings, most are videos of PPT slide shows with narration. I found three, two are 1-hour tutorials on aspects of video which probably have useful information to add to the mass of what I already know, and one is a 6-hour course on something a little off my beaten path but worth taking a look at - the networking standard which is coming up next year and will enable non-cable modems to almost compete with cable modems for continuous video delivery. Or something like that.

That brought me to lunchtime. I totally flaked on going to the PO because (a) there is no rush to mail the package and (b) it's Hell Day at the PO. Took my cooler to the break room and created a ham sandwich out of components I'd brought, expecting to make a picnic. Talk about lazy - too lazy to drive to the park.

Watched one of the tutorials. It was voice over a video of PPT slides projected on a screen, horrible video quality, which is ironic because the tutorial is by a guy who (as I later fond by online search) holds 4 patents and wrote what appears to be a doctoral dissertation on the math behind making network video clearer.

I give the course a C. The presenter is an expert, knows this stuff inside and out, but he didn't define some important math terms so he gets an A-. But the image slides, which were crucial to understanding the verbiage, were unreadable. The large print word slides were readable but fuzzy. So the videography gets a D-.

Just when I was about to tackle the next one, email arrived asking me if I had seen a certain bug which a customer had just reported, about a feature I am the expert for. cut for boring geek stuff )

This is a show-stopper, so now we know there will be one more build.

Just in time, the Loan Arranger from my CU called, and we did the math around buying a "manufactured home". Turns out I can swing a 25% downpayment (which [ profile] lemmozine pointed out on FB goes towards the care and feeding of the ducks), and the result on a standard 3br place would give me a mortgage payment half of my current rent. Taxes would up that some, but I'm already paying utilities/water/sewer/garbage, so yeah, I can afford this. He said it is best to get pre-qualified, so I'll make an appointment to do that.

By now it was almost time to go home so I updated my notebook and did so. Completely forgot that I was going to stop by Target and check out the Sodastream devices. I am down to one 1-liter seltzer siphon, having broken 5 in the past 2 years. That's more than the high end Sodastream costs.

Home, did not feel like going anywhere. Watched as much of the Raiders-Broncos game as it took to finish eating dinner, turned it off very disappointed in Oakland's offensive line and horrible tackling, and brainless penalties.

Took solace in emptying the dishwasher and getting caught up on FB. And then looked through Craig's list to see what prefab homes were available, and where, and for what price. There are some excellent choices out there, a couple of them in "communities" (aka mobile home parks) I have driven past many times. There are also a few in the swamps, or what used to be the swamps. on the other side of 237 from Alviso. Those are mostly 55+ which I am well qualified for, and not having screaming children living next door would be a plus.

Plans for tomorrow:
Peninsulaires (voice lessons, and a chance to say "no, I don't want to be in a chorus which sings screwy harmonies and emotes the song to death")

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Thanks to a late dinner and late taking of meds, I didn't wake up till 10 am. Kaan tried to wake me up by pawing the covers near the small of my back as I slept on my side.

I got up and showered and dressed, medicated and put on shoes to see if the dumpsters had by some quirk of fate been emptied this morning. They had no been. No relief from the litterbox clutter today, then.

Turned on the TV looking for football. Dissapointingly, there was none. At about 1 or 1:30 the Raiders game came on, I made hot dogs & past bow ties, steamed a couple of buns and mustardized and sauerkrauted them and had that all for lunch. Breyers' thin mints ice cream for dessert. The patio door was open, the cats took turns curling up out there in various places.

Yesterday, I forgot that I had collected the mail, which included my new Driver's License, which is somewhat re-designed from 10 years ago. Or maybe it was 5. This one expires in 2018. The font is smaller for the address, and there is no room designated on the back for a change of address.

After the Raider's I went out onto the patio and played a couple of rounds of an Android game on the Nexus, but it is obviously fixed, so I gave up and continued reading on the Kindle app. Alan Dean Foster's The Man Who Used the Universe. The deeper I get into the book, the slower a read it has become.

Clever me had the 49ers/Seahawks game set to record on Tivo, so after it had been going for an hour I started watching the recording from the beginning. Usually that's enough of a head start to to FF past the ads and the halftime crap, and I catch up near the end of the game. But this time there was a completely WTF rain delay. For an hour. In Seattle. The idiots who made the call were afraid of lightning, they said. Ridiculous. They almost never have lightning in Seattle, and if they did, the stadium would dissipate it with no harm to anyone.

So I had to reset the recording to go 3 hours longer than scheduled (because Tivo doesn't allow 2 hours), and watch 20/20 and the pre-show for Miss America until it was safe to watch the recording game.

About the game - I was very disappointed that the 49ers were so lame. The Seahawks were too for the first half, but then they found some holes in the SF defense which allowed Lynch to waltz into the end zone untouched twice. There was a very strange call on a Seahawks punt which the announcers completely got wrong. Apparently someone in the audience blew a whistle, and half of the Seattle team went into "the play is over" mode, which allowed SF to block the punt and get the ball with great field position. The announcers kept harping on this, as if Seattle deserved the ball back or something. Idiots: If someone in your stadium blows a whistle, that's a technical foul against the home team, which the visiting team can decline. Jesus on a goal post, people, think for a change.

No dinner as such, I had a bowl of popcorn, a Klondike bar, and just finished an egg cream.

Kaan has taken to climbing up my chest and parking on the top of the recliner. I love his pur, but his tail tickles. He has been very passive agressive today, sitting in front of Domino as she is laying on the sheepskin rug, which intimidates her into leaving for a corner of the livingroom. Sometimes Kaan just sits there, sometimes he kneads the sheepskin.

Sold the Samsung S3 phone on eBay for about the average price being paid for used ones, to someone in Texas. Boxed that up and printed a shipping label. It took 3 tries again, the Canon printer keeps forgetting that paper is 8.5x11 and that it's in the rear feeder.

Plans for tomorrow:
Post office, mail the phone
Maybe find a beauty supply place
BASFA - I have something to auction.  

Work Apnea

Sep. 13th, 2013 06:33 pm
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Took the new BP meds at about 9 am. By 10 I was falling asleep at my desk. At about 11:45 it was clear I was unsafe to drive, so instead of going to the park for a picnic lunch I went to the break room, parked myself in one of the very plush comfy sofa chairs and napped. This was partially interrupted by ping pong balls. There were two doubles games going, and every now and then a stray ball was hit near me, or chased into my corner. But I was too zonked for that to wake me up completely.

I think it was about 2:30 before I noticed I was awake.

There was no real work to do, so I went through the database and identified test cases which could be automated. If they ever give my machine back, I'll work on that.

The folks upstairs (same company but acquired from a different one) invited us to come up and take a look at HEVC streaming. HEVC is the Next Big Thing after HD video. It was interesting to see it in a prototype product. But they had not set it up in a way conducive to comparing it to HD, and they invited too many people for th small lab, so after a while, when 17 people started talking at once,  I bailed.

Tonight's shopping choice was Costco or somewhere else. Decided I needed some Starbucks, which meant no Costco because things melt. Batcave Starbucks

is next to Lucky's, which is not my favorite place to shop but all I have on my shopping list is non-lactose milk, celery, a few frozen dinners and limes. And maybe hot dog buns and sauerkraut. And I'm not sure about the frozen dinners because the freezer is half full of stuff which has been previously cooked and bagged and it's probably about time to consume as much of that as possible.

Plans for tomorrow:
Beauty supply and look for solid silver nail gel.
Party for boss' daughter. Leaving my camera at home because it got in the way of all that Thai food last time
Meet Janice & go to Dragon Theater to see And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little.
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Last morning in Morro Bay, the plan was to take Hwy 1 up the coast to Hwy 46, and there to 101 with a stop for lunch somewhere.

Checked out of the motel a little before 10, made one false start along the embarcadero, forgetting that Hwy 1 is not on the coast at that point. GPS found it for me. Hwy 46 was quite a ways up there, but I knew that, and it was the well-designed road I expected it to be. A much safer route than the shorter Hwy 41. Since it's a true 55 mph all the way, not riddled with curves like 41, Hwy 46 only took a little bit longer to get to 101.

Somewhere along 101 my left eye started feeling irritated. Maybe I got some sunscreen on there when I applied it at a viewpoint on 46. Maybe it was an eyelash. Either way, I pulled off at some little town, long enough to use the water bottle as an eyewash. It seemed to work, but after another few minutes of driving the eye was stinging again. I had broken my best driving sunglasses on the final whale trip, and had bought replacements at a boutique and at Rite Aid, one of them grey UV ones the other amber polarized ones, both aviator style. I switched them, and that seemed to help.

King City was a stop for gas, the trip meter hit 300 miles, but it took 9 gallons.33 mpg, not very good for highway. The guage did not show the tank that low, it was not even down to 1/4. The gas station shared a parking lot with Denny's, so I had lunch there, after pulling my bottle of artificial tears out of the luggage and giving both eyes a couple of doses. By the time lunch was done, my eyes were fine.

Back on the road, between Gilroy and Morgan hill I was fading, but just taking an exit and slowing down, and stopping at some stop lights was enough to cure the highway hypnosis. And boosting the air conditioning because it was around 90° out there. Odd, the weather in the central valley was cooler than Silicon valley today.

Home, both cats tried to escape outside. Kaan came back in when I yelled at him, Domino never made it out the door, she is not very fast.

Unpacked, and spent the afternoon and evening processing the photos, which are now in several sets on Flickr:
Mission San Juan Bautista:

VisionQuest: which includes one I think [ profile] lemmozine will like:

Mission San Miguel: and the photo I went for:

Morro Bay: (a short set, which includes a Coast Guard boat with a sailboat lashed alongside)

Whales (and sea lions and lots of birds): 

Hwy 46 viewpoint:

I also spent 25 minutes on chat with because their system would not let me return the Fire HD. Last night I got to the point where I could print out a UPS label, but I didn't have a printer. Tonight I had a printer but it wouldn't get me to that point, it kept referring me to support. The bozoid on the other end of the chat did not understand anything, and spent way too much time between responses. Finally got it done, and will send that puppy back tomorrow.

And it's only 10:15.

Plans for tomorrow:
UPS, return the Kindle Fire
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Started the day at Kaiser MV pharmacy, arguing with a pharmacist who could not see his way clear to saying that my current insulin syringes are better than the new ones he was "consulting" with me about, because his brain could not wrap around the concept that 46 units on a 100-unit, 1 ml syringe is equal to 0.46 units on a 1-unit, 1 ml syringe. An insulin unit is .1 ml. My new insulin 5x stronger than regular insulin, and instead of taking 230 units a day,  I'm supposed to take 0.46 ml. That's 46 units. The new syringes are meant for TB victims, and are much harder to read, and the needles are 4x longer. I'm using the old syringes.

At work I had a bowl of oatmeal at 10 and took my .46 ml dose at 10:30, and took Hgl readings roughly every hour, and they were way high, mid-200s for the most part, 157 was the low. I was not impressed with this new insulin.

Work was kind of slow. I started scoping out a suite of 3 test cases to automate, but discovered the automation team has not developed a crucial function which all three need, so I'm stuck.

I made reservations for a motel in Morro bay for Saturday-Tues last night. Today I reserved space on the 1 pm whale watching trips Sun and Mon. The plan is to take my time getting there Saturday (check-in is after 3 pm), and maybe go on a fishing charter Tuesday. Maybe not, though, because the fishing charters leave at the crack of OMG and they come back with cod. Either way, I will be stocking up on Dramamine.

Home, shot up the second dose of super insulin, this time a mere 32 units, had a light dinner, put a tube of glucose tablets in my pocket just in case, and went to band practice. At about 8 pm I needed to pop a tablet. Ate all three by the time we were done at 9:30, and really felt the impact of a low Hgl episode when I got home. 93 reading, which is just on this side of Human for me.

So I did some serious overkill, had a Klondike bar to level off, then made a banana smoothie, and finished up with a croissant. 247, yeah overdid that. We'll see what it reads in the morning. Or sooner if it goes low during the night.

Plans for tomorrow:
Shopping for the trip
Also need more kitty litter, probably the Littermaid brand this time
And I need more glucose tablets. I'm down to about 5 at work. Of course at work I have a lot of other caloric options.
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Got to work early, started working and optical migraine hit so bad I couldn't read the screen. Tylenol and time helped that. And a bowl of oatmeal.

No real progress on the two projects. One because the automation harness is missing some key procedures, one because IT needs to set up something complicated in the lab for me.

Lunchtime, manicure. I was 10 minutes late, she was 15 minutes late. We chatted about Yelp and Some People Are Never Pleased. Her reviews are mostly 5 stars, but now and then there's a one-star or a 2-star. The 1-star reviews are all rants, and reading between the lines the issues are mostly the customer's fault. And when a bad review starts with "I'm in the cosmetology business so I know these things" my answer is "if you're in the business, why don't you have your mani-pedi at your business?"

I like the place, and yes, they sometimes mess up on reservations and can be too busy to accommodate a walk-in in a timely manner, but that's true with every successful nails place. There are two reasons I keep going back there even though it is massively out of my way: they use high-quality materials (After 2 weeks my manicure still looks new) and Michelle and her staff are good at what they do. And easy on the eyes, but that's just gravy.

Home, ate a couple of corn dogs, put the baritone horn in the car and went to Ye Olde Towne Band rehearsals in Los Altos. Fairly lean turnout, no French Horns, no oboe, and only two tubas. We played a lot of lip-destroyer tunes from the start, I was struggling with the last two pieces.

On the up side, I was pleasantly surprised to see J, who I think is our oldest member, there. At the concert 2 weekends ago he was having trouble reading the music, thanks to neuro meds he was taking. He sits next to me.

Home, gave the cats their treats. Checked the new litterbox, it has been used a lot. Kaan still plays archaeologist even with the regular clumping litter, but it has steep curved walls so all the stuff stays in the box, so far. And the clumping litter is easier to bury stuff in.

Starbucks, the laptop probably needs updates

Take the car to Audio Design and have a real alarm installed, and a set of listenable speakers, possibly with an amp to increase frequency response and signal to noise ratio.  This is an all-day job, so I'll use my Clipper card, probably after a trip to the nice coffee shop across the street.

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Up way early, but still managed to only get to work 30 minutes early for the 9am meeting. Short meeting, we're mostly in between product releases, and are mostly verifying bugs have been fixed. I managed to look into 4 and finish 3 before it was time to go to Kaiser and have my eyes dilated. New in the doctor's office is an electronic picture frame, displaying a large series of photos of him & family in a wide array of travels. They were slightly randomized, so I saw some several times and probably missed others. I recognized Yosemite, the Alaska inside passage cruise, Stonehenge, Mayan temples, night shots of something which was either a huge mosque or the Taj Mahal from the back. Also something which looked like The Alhambra, a Roman amphitheater, the Roman Coliseum, architecture in Turkey, Tussuad's wax museum and someplace in Italy which was not Rome or Venice. But most impressive was his daughter in a cap & gown, either high school or college. When I first started seeing this doctor, that daughter's kindergarten crayon drawings were on his wall.

Preliminary eye exam shows my non-dilated vision is even better than last year, one line better than 20/20 in both eyes. No glaucoma. The dilation exam was also better than last year, still some retinopathy but smaller bits. See him in a year.

Since my eyes weren't safe to drive and I was in the big clinic I went to the walk-in office and got an appointment to see a doctor about the rash on my foot. The verdict was summer eczema, he prescribed a cream. Picked that up at the pharmacy, then went downstairs and grabbed something resembling lunch at the cafeteria. It was about 3 pm, so there wasn't much to choose from.

Now good enough to drive in the overcast weather (sun would have killed), went to UPS and picked up the pair of beep-free belts I'd ordered. Then to Sunnyvale Toyota to find out what the deal was with not having my license plates back yet. Turns out my salescreature blew it. She was supposed to take them off the old car and give them to me before I left with the new car. I saw her take off the front plate, but the rear plate was a challenge because it was mounted with inset bolt-head screws which needed a thin socket wrench (the plate was behind a backup cam built into a frame).

The nice man at the front desk called around, the service manager was gone for the day already, so he was left voicemail, the used car salesman said there were no plates there, but he would call the person they sold the old car to to find out if my plates were on the car, and he checked with the DMV person in the business office who said there were no plates there.

Tomorrow I should hear from the used car and service folks, then we'll take it from there.

Next stop, the 7-11 to pick up my new Kindle Paperwhite from the Amazon locker. Then home, let the cats out to the patio and parked myself there eventually after setting up the Kindle and downloading the book I am reading on the non-lighted model.

Then off to BASFA, which was lightly attended but fun.

Home again, took the older Kindle out of its cover/stand and put the new one in. And was surprised by it coming on by itself, and refusing to turn off. A little experimenting, and it seems the magnet built into the base of the stand to hold the folding pro-up bit in place was triggering the power and keeping it on. Which is when I noticed that the Paperwhite doesn't have audio. The only connector is the USB, and there is no mention of audio books in the Guide. Not that I have ever loaded any... But the magnet thing is strange. Also missing on the PW is the pair of contacts on the back for dock charging. Which I've never used, either. But I'm thinking the magnet thing might be a side effect of having designed an inductance charger (lay the Kindle on a flat pad charger, no wires between them). More research is needed.

Plans for tomorrow:

Follow-up with Toyota
Pick up coasters and kitty crack at UPS (delivered too late today to pick up)
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Started out okay, I remembered to take the HUGE cardbard box (broken down) and the litterbox cartridges to the dumpster. Remembered to pack a lunch because I was taking time at lunchtime to have my nails done.

Forgot that at noon-ish the diabetes doctor was supposed to call for an update, so I did not have my Hgl or BP numbers, and couldn't remember them for shit. I know my last two days of home BP readings were off the chart. Doc says come in for a BP screening so I do the math and I can have my nails done, nip home and print out the data and grab the BP meter then go to the screening in Mountain View and still have time to get back to work.

At the time I need to leave for the manicure, I get wrapped up in some coding foo, rush out to the car Just In Time for my tummy to tell me to go back inside and check the plumbing. On my way back I phone the nails place and tell them I'll be 10 minutes late. Turned out to be 15. But Michelle of Michelle's was in the back room finishing lunch and waiting for me. She is gorgeous, and was wearing a cowl neck sweater which showed off enough to be "hey, my eyes are up here" and "but your cleavage is down there".

I'm sure she's married, because she wears a diamond solitaire on each ring finger.

From there to the nearby UPS store, suspenders have arrived. Then home, fire up the PC, download the latest data from my meters, print it out and zoom down Central Expressway to MV.

The BP screening is simple. You wait for 10 minutes, they take a reading. If it is good, you're done, if not, one more 10-minute time out and another reading. While I was waiting I took a reading on my meter, and it was high. Not way high but "wait 10 minutes" high. Called into the test seat, perfectly normal reading. WTF?

Since I had the data printed out I went downstairs to drop it off with Diabetes doc, but he was in and was free to do a full review. Bottom line: my home meter is defective, and I need to drop one of my hypertension meds.

Back to work, managed to get some stuff done on the next very complex test script. Stayed till after 6, part of it researching BP meters online. Stopped off at Fry's to look at USB 3.0 cables and BP meters. They had many brands, 2 or 3 models each, but not the ones I'd researched. Phone alarm goes off - reminding me I was planning on going to Palo Alto for a very special concert. Reilly & Maloney. The story goes like this:
Read more... )
It was 86° outside, hotter inside (nobody knew how to turn on the aircon), but the place is a circular pavilion with several openable doors, so it wasn't too bad. They played some new pieces, but most of the applause was for the old ones. Palo Alto Cowboy was a sing-along, I only saw three or four people not singing.

Lots of applause, well deserved. Two things I missed is Ginny Reilly did not play the piano, and David Maloney did not break out his uke and sing the Marlene Dietrich classic Falling in Love Again. After the show I told him I had snagged that as an audition piece, and he said they were going to do it tonight but he forgot the uke. Or something. His version is low-key like Marlene's, which makes it all the more hilarious coming from a Senior Citizen™. He gender bent a line to make it more poignant:
"Girls cluster to me like moths around a flame
And if their wings burn I know I'm not to blame"

Maybe next time.

Home, had a dinnerette of frozen pot roast, while watching Restaurant Stake-Out.

Plans for tomorrow:
I have no clue
Pick up another package at UPS
Unload the dryer and put away the whites
I suppose I could go to Vallejo for Pirate Fest, but that's a long way to drive
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LJ wouldn't let me log in last night so I missed a fairly boring day. At work I managed to brick one of my test machines, and spent most of the day trying to resurrect it, but it looks like coincidentally some hardware failed after I updated the flash memory chip. I was supposed to have my 1-on-1, but boss was tied up in a meeting.

Last night I went on a wild goose chase looking for credit unions which had ATMs I could use for free, but the first two which Google Maps pointed me at are now an empty lot, and the new HQ of LinkedIn under construction. The third was a CU business office without an ATM. So I went to a 7-11, which said my card was no good, and then a second 7-11 which took it after 3 tries. I need to get a new card, I guess.

This gave me a lot of 20s, and I needed 1s for the pop machine, so I went to my local cashier, aka Gentleman's Club. I have not been there since rehearsals started, and it was good to see my favorite pole dancer. And I came away with more than 20 1s.

Back home, put a small plastic bag of frozen Chinese BBQ pork in the microwave, pushed 200 and sat down at the TV and watched an episode of something. After 10 minutes I smelled something burning. The microwave thought I had hit 2000**.  The plastic and pork was slag, the whole place was filling up with smoke. Opened the patio door and one of the computer room windows. Wanted to open the front door but there's no screen and no way to keep the cats inside. Had all the fans going, too. Luckily the smoke detectors stayed silent, but the apartment still smelled like smoke tonight when I came home. More on that later. Went online and ordered a microwave which has sensor cooking.

Which brings us to today, which was mostly boring, trying more to un-brick my machine until finally I gave up and filed a trouble ticket. This gave me a chance to do ad hoc testing on the other, newer model. Boredom was relieved by boss re-scheduling the 1-on-1 to today. I spent most of it explaining how to convert gmail to outlook. Arris uses outlook exchange, google forced us to switch to gmail. I had never really switched, I like Outlook better than any web interface, so I set up my gmail on outlook with google's sync program.

Automation Guy told me the sales engineer who works out of our office was given his notice. I never got why he worked out of our office - his territory is upstate NY. I didn't know him very well. But it was a reminder that the company was sold, and some people would be redundant.

Lunchtime was not fun. Just as I was pulling out of the parking lot, my tummy acted up, I zoomed to the back door, carefully got out of the car and made my way to the men's room Just In Time. That taken care of, I headed back out, thinking of going to Sizzler or Togo's, but on impulse pulled into McDonald's across from Sizzler, because they have free wi-fi. And the food is incredibly cheap. They make good chocolate shakes.

After work I needed to get petrol, and also wanted to buy a "Fragile" stamp, lactaid, alcohol pads and Fabreze. I decided to go to the Target just past the rehearsal hall, stopped at an ARCO station, but it wouldn't take my ATM card. Continued on to Costco, which takes AMEX, and filled the tank. Stopped in at Staples next door, but they didn't have "Fragile" in their stamp collection. :-(

Continued on, thinking Target was down the block, but it wasn't, so I turned around and went all the way to the other side of town to Rite Aid instead. Got what I had on my list, went home, and emptied most of a can of Fabreze into the air. The idea being to get the particulants out of the air. Also opened the patio door and the computer room window and turned on all the fans.

A few hours of that and the place smells mostly okay.

Unplugged the microwave, soaked the glass turntable and got the gunk off of it. Decided not to use the tool of Satan again, so made myself a ham & Swiss sandwich for dinner. Amazon says the new one will be delivered to my UPS box Saturday.

In the mail was yet another envelope with a bulk mail code where a stamp ought to be, and no return address. State Farm agents have been doing this for a few months. It is now illegal (thanks to the anthrax scare) to mail something without return address. I'm torn between writing to State Farm HQ or the post office. Also in the mail was a form letter from a credit union I had closed my account with, saying I was qualified for a pre-approved mortgage. 

I had set Tivo to record the NFL draft, so at about 7:30, which was 2 hours in, I started watching, fast-forwarding through the commercials and BS. There is one commentator whose head looks like a caricature, very hard to look at. I was disgusted with the video snippets they did of all the players - it was all Gangsta, black jersey, dark background, poses like rappers with the hands. Eeeeew. When it was all over, almost everyone drafted was on the defense. There was only one QB (not one of the better ones) plus two or three receivers. Out of what, 32? Boring. From time to time they would show QB candidates looking like the world had ended. More tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:


** When I did tech support for computer terminals, there was something called "keyboard bounce" which was pretty common. It made a single press appear as two or more presses. It can be caused by a bad keypad, a bad contact, a defective keyboard processing chip and cockpit error. This machine has bounced on me three times this week, so I'm ruling out cockpit error. :-)

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Back to the Bay Sleep Center near El Camino Hospital, this time for an 8 pm appointment. Instead of the cute young woman tech this time it was a middle-aged Filipino. Nice guy. While he wired me up we had a chat comparing the price of hookers in Manila to the ones in Bangkok. He was surprised how expensive Bangkok was. Manila sounds like Bangkok did in the 70s.

He measured me for a mask, we went with the full mouth+nose variety since I snore. It was comfortable enough, not nearly as claustrophobic as the ones Kaiser had given us. He started the machine at a low pressure, and did not ramp it up much overnight, so it was not like breathing into a hurricane like the previous machine. I took an Ambien beforehand, but it didn't help me get to sleep. I was comfortable enough, and tired enough ( the previous night I had trouble sleeping due to an ear ache), but just didn't doze off.

When I did it was for most of the night. Bedtime was about 9 pm, I woke up once at 4:30 or so. Decided I didn't need to pee that badly, since wake-up time was 5:30. I was up for good at 5:40, tech came in to wake me 5 minutes later. When he removed the tube I could feel how much pressure was being pumped in, more than I thought.

I hate to say it, but I could work with this machine, if the results are enough of an improvement. It is definitely better than the Provent inserts.

When I woke up I was a little out of it, I blame the Ambien. By the time I had answered the check-out questions and gotten dressed I was good enough to drive.

It was raining a bit. And very dark.

Results from my doctor in about a week. We'll take it from there.

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