Surf's Up

Jan. 25th, 2014 01:39 am
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Totally forgot about Mavericks surf completion this morning until it showed up at work during my CNN break. But there were no waves showing on the live streaming, just a bunch of surfers and boats bobbing on a fairly flay sea. Only one surfer had scored any points. The usual suspects and I went to lunch (Round Table's pizza buffet) and when we got back I was busy doing actual work until about 4. Looked again and now it was almost over, they were showing reruns of 40-foot waves being ridden, and five or six surfers had scored, one of them 3 times, and one of his was a 10.

Stayed till almost 6, finishing up some work for Automation Guy, who said that since I did the work, I could do the demo again, at Monday's team meeting. Okay, he's right, I give good demo.

Headed for Lowe's, where I discovered I had forgotten the discount coupon, so instead of buying a lot of stuff I needed, I only bought wild bird seed and an American flag with a flagpole kit. The house has an empty flag pole holder. Will go back tomorrow with the coupon and buy two garden hoses, some hose hardware, and maybe a couple of indoor plants.

Home, put the flag pole together, attached the USA flag, attached an almost-as-big Thai flag below it, and set it aside until tomorrow because flags should be posted in daylight.

Filled the bird feeder, took down the empty hummingbird feeder and hung the seed feeder in its place. Tapped on the full hummer feeder to burp it, and the bubbles meant maybe there had been some activity.

Two surprises this morning at the mailbox. Mine and most of the mailboxes on the block had their doors open. And in the park's mail tube was my rent/utilities bill. This is the first month electric and gas was billed, and it was a hefty $ 68 each. And the larger garbage can cost me more, but only about $7 for twice the capacity. Everything else was the same. Yesterday the mortgage deduction hit the checking account, but it was the same as last month, which means they haven't processed the new insurance yet. It should go up by $5 a month when that is done.

Watched an episode of Shark Tank. One of the applicants was a total fake, snake oil salesman. Everyone saw right through him immediately.

Dinner made me late. I decided to heat up the frozen Marie Calendar lasagna in the oven. Took an hour. Cut the fungus off a piece of swiss cheese, sliced it up and added it to the top of the container and 10 more minutes. Tried to cut it into squares, but it was a hot mess and I ended up using a pancake flipper to slap the goop onto a plate. Tasted great but looked like a disaster.

The chocolate fudge ice cream was nice too.

This morning's Hgl was 89, and I was feeling a bit squirrelly, and puzzled because I'd made a snack at 11 pm of a grilled cheese sandwich. And I had three pieces of chocolate from the night stand while I was reading in bed. Same insulin as usual. Weird.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nothing time-related
Lowe's, stuff for the house.
Looking forward to LJ and FB reports on Conflikt. Decided to skip it because the venue sucks and last year I had very little fun because my favorite performers decided to make it a relaxacon and didn't do much singing. Will be at Consonance for my major league filk fix.
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Almost everyone I know had shifted from here and Dreamwidth to Facebook, but this is my journal, The Book of Face is merely my place to be clever and annoying.
When I got to work, the sky was incredibly blue, not a cloud in it, and my brain fed me this quote:
"The sky so blue, the sun so bright, how could anything go wrong on a day like this?"
Followed by:
"Woof! Boom!"

The first line is the cue for the cast to start the title song for You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown, for which I played the title role in Astoria, OR in 1973. At the end of the intro, Snoopy yells "Woof!" and the cast echoes with "Boom!". I love that bit. Probably my favorite moment in all the shows I have been in. Partly because this is the first musical I was ever in. It was a total fluke. I didn't think I was a singer, all my theater had been comedy or drama plays, except for a musical which the Temple choir did when I was in grade school, while I was still a first soprano, so that doesn't really count.

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More adventures at work today, while I was trying to tune up the scripts on the machine which Automation Guy had allegedly reserved for me, someone else started running scripts with the same program, by automation. So Automation Guy says he can only lock a machine for 8 hours. So he found a machine not in the automation pool, but VNC does a strange thing with it - any time I hit a letter for which CTRL+ALT+letter is a command, it does the command. So I hit an F and it opens the search dialog box. U throws up the accessibility menu. And so on. Makes it useless to edit my scripts. So I edit them on my own PC, saved the a shared drive in the lab, and run them on the machine he assigned. But we can't do Monday's demo like that. And it's a royal PITA to write that way.

Lunchtime was Togo's, I asked if they still did the half-and-half: half a sandwich and half a bowl of soup. He said yes. But they don't. Instead I got half a small bowl of soup and a min-sandwich on a bun. Gag me. Next time I'll order a full one of each and take half the sandwich home.

Went there because it's the closest place I can get no-fee cash from an ATM which is near good places to eat.

Rivermark Safeway after work, which had the stupidest, most dangerous exit from the expressway and is a total clusterf*ck for parking. The lot is HUGE and turnover is constant, except the traffic patterns prevent people from getting in or out in anything resembling a timely manner. Medium-sized shopping this time to stock up on frozen dinners, ice cream, crackers and I forgot the cheese. Was able to log into their wi-fi and see what was extra cheap on my card, otherwise would have forgotten margarine.

Home, one huge box on the side steps, one large box by the livingroom door, one small box on the porch landing. All from Amazon. Go figure.

The huge box was a ceramic heater with electronic thermostat for the bedroom/master bathroom which are at the far end of the house, so by the time air from the furnace gets there it is not very warm.

Large box was candy. A 64-pack of Anton Berg booze-filled dark chocolate mini-bottles (a bedtime snack) and a 12-pack of Werther's sugar-free caramels. Good to wake up to.

And in the small box was a wireless doorbell, with two push buttons. The side door already has one which plays Winchester chimes, I was hoping that the buttons were on the same channel, but they are not. No problemo, JoseBee, there is an archway between the kitchen and piano room which the bell fits on perfectly and resonates through the house. The buttons program the sound, so I installed one by the kitchen door which cuckoos, and one by the livingroom door which plays a standard door bell sound. I was going to make it do a knocking sound, because there used to be a 1-ton knocker on that door which I recently removed because it is heavy and ugly and I'd rather have a peep hole there.

I have been buying entirely too much Stuff. En route still are 2 pairs of Levi's 550's, an 18-gallon storage tub on which to raise the night table, and a set of coat hooks to be mounted near or on the side door.

Did a load of laundry - put things in in the morning and into the dryer when I got home. This morning it occurred to me that my shower towel has been in use for a month. And I've been looking for a time to wash my Supersonics jacket. Some jeans and T-shirts also benefited.

The Big Games are on Sunday, so I'll go to Ardenwood on Saturday with my camera and telescope or just a long lens if I can't figure out how to mount the camera to the telescope. Monarch butterflies are in season. 

 Plans for tomorrow:


Jan. 9th, 2014 09:53 pm
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Wet streets locally again this morning. Script writer made some changes, so I had stuff to test. UPS tracking said recliner was out for delivery, they usually show up around 3-5 pm, so I went home at 1 planning on working from home till it arrived, because it's 100lbs and would be a lot easier if the driver hauled it on his dolly up the stairs and onto the landing.

But when I got home the box was at the foot of the side stairs, which are too narrow to get it inside, so I had to get my dolly and roll the thing all the way down the driveway, out onto the street, to the opposite side of the house and up the front steps, and into the livingroom.

Got the box open and they had broken one of the four widgets at the bottom of the legs. Not crucial, but not good for the carpet.

Put it together, which is dead easy. The foot rest needs to be kicked back into place, so something probably also got bent slightly. Not enough to send it back but enough to complain to Domino was sitting across the top of it before I could even try it out. It's the guest chair.

The box was too big for recycle, so I chopped it up and set it outside.

Did some more work from home, got volunteered to give a demo of it Monday.

Caught up on online stuff, watched an episode of Restaurant Stakeout which was a little bit different than most, because the main issue wasn't the staff, it was the space, and the boss' penny pinching. He fixed it by doubling the staff and totally remodeling the place.

Watched the news, got bored and here I am. I think I'll boost the head of the bed and do some reading.

Plans for tomorrow:
Put together that demo
Starbucks? I have a free drink coming and it's been a while.
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Up at 7:30, did my usual morning stuff except only took half a cooler of snacks. Out the door at 9, the street was wet, there were dark clouds wafting off into the distance, our first trace of rain in a month. It was only a trace, looked almost like all the sprinklers in the neighborhood had fired at once, for maybe a minute.

Got to work at the usual time, did some actual work (found two bugs in some automation code) and went home at lunchtime, dropping off a return at UPS along the way. Bed was due to be delivered at 3, which gave me some time to VPN to work, figure out what port I needed to unblock on Norton's firewall, and then VNC to my test machine.

At about 2 I was hungry enough for lunch, so I put Banquet spaghetti & meatballs into the microwave, which is when the phone rang. Delivery dispatcher confirming directions, said the truck would be there "imminently". From her questions about cross streets relative to the freeway I gathered they were 10 minutes away. Enough time to eat, barely.

They arrived at 2:30, and were done in 20 minutes. One of them gave me a demo on the wireless remote which I didn't need but let him finish on the off chance I would learn something new. Which I didn't.

Before work I had laundered the bedding, so as soon as they were done I installed a mattress protector, grabbed the bedding from the dryer, made the bed, got on it and started playing with the remote. In seconds this happened:
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And this answered a question: The bed is a foot higher off the ground than the previous one, and the height appears to be fixed, is Domino going to be able to cope with that extra foot above her pet steps? I guess so.

She hung in there like a champ, and did not want to let me get up.

But I had to, there was still more work to do.

The bed, by the way, is adjustable. The wireless can raise the head and/or the feet, and can also do something they call "zero G" which raises both slightly by bowing (rhymes with Boeing) in the middle. Very comfortable position and allegedly mitigates sleep apnea. There is also a vibrating function with separate head and foot engines, with three levels of vibration-ness for each. Not something I'm really into (can you say "magic fingers"?) but I'll see if I can get used to it. Over time. Baby steps.

At about 5 I went out to get the mail, and the little not-so-old lady I thought lived next door was on her porch and struck up a conversation. Turns out she is a caregiver who comes over a few days a week to care for the invalid little old lady who does live there, but whom I have not seen.

Batted 1000 with the mail, all three items were addressed to "occupant". None of them said "Darling, I love you and I cannot live without you. Marry me, or I will kill myself."

Dinner was baked breaded clam strips and mixed veggies. I watched the latest episode of Elementary which is improving every week. They have somehow broken free of the urge to make complex personal relationships into a soap opera, the way The Mentalist's writers have done. And while the photography is too dark, the images are also very carefully composed. The Other Guys do lighting like a boss, but can't create a tableau worth beans.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe home early, because UPS is delivering a recliner and it would be nice to have it inside with the help of the driver.

And now I am off to bed, where I will be mechanically inclined and do some reading. James Gunn's The Listeners. Suggested by Brad at [ profile] basfa, whose literary opinions I have come to respect greatly.

Third Day

Jan. 7th, 2014 11:19 pm
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is what they call Tuesday in Hebrew. Their week starts on Sunday.

Work was work. I spent the day playing with some new SNMP scripts from automation. They all worked, except they didn't. If I plugged in the right parameters, it would give me the right answers. But the final step was missing - it doesn't harvest the answers from the mass of extraneous data, which means human eyes need to watch the process, which means it's not automated. I'll work with the programmer to get that fixed.

Lunchtime was going to be Togo's but I forgot to "do it first" before leaving work, and Carl's Jr was the nearest rest room.

Straight home after work, answered some email, printed a return label for yet another too-small set of jeans.

Also put my Sharks' jacket, white walking shoes and a kitchen towel into the washer. They washed fine but the shoes pummeling the dryer kept making it stop, so those will have to air dry. The jacket is making a lot of noise. Strange.

Later that same day: It wasn't the jacket. Previous owner had installed a bracket holding a solid cake of softener, and the shoes had jarred that cake loose. Sounds much quieter now.

Watched two more episodes of Breaking Bad season 1. I think I've had enough. Maybe one more episode but I may hit the "stop" button before it's over. It drags a lot, and I really don't like any of the characters. At all.

TV dinner again. Swedish meatballs.

Mancini's called, the bed will be delivered between 3-7 pm. I'll leave work at lunchtime, drop off the return at UPS on my way home and work from home. Have to lock Domino in the bathroom when they arrive. It shouldn't take more than half an hour. I thought about having them put the old bed in the 3rd BR, but it's too small a space for a queen sized bed. Some day maybe a futon.

So those are plans for tomorrow. :-)
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Today was a company day off. They give us two days for Turkey, Jesus and Janus. My plan for a while was The Big Shed Project.

It was amended a little because mornings have been cold, but afternoons have been warm. So this morning I hit the matinée showing of Frozen in 3D, which has been getting rave reviews.

It started out charming, with some enjoyable music, but soon degenerated into a very violent plot with forgettable songs and a frenetic score to match the heart-stopping action.

Idina Menzel, who was the green witch in Broadway's Wicked played the ice princess. This is an actress with a gorgeous singing voice, but they kept her to mostly dialog and much of it shouting. OTOH,  Kristen Bell plays the younger princess and sings quite a bit, including a duet with Prince Hans, voiced by Santino Fontana. I can find no evidence of either of them singing professionally before. They did well, but the songs didn't require much range.

Olaf the snowman is ridiculous, and a great attraction for the kiddies, but I would not have brought a child to this very violent movie.

As is my habit, I stayed through the 10 minutes of credits for the Easter egg. It was there, but it was a throw-away. However, there is a disclaimer cleverly hidden in the credits toward the end which was worth the wait.

Speaking of movies, my biggest disappointments this week are that two movies which I otherwise would have loved to see are starring men who both do not fit the part, and can't act. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was a childhood favorite book, and the movie starring Danny Kaye was pretty good. It would be spectacular re-made with modern technology and a Mitty who was of Kaye's calibre. But Ben Stiller? Gag me. And Saving Mr. Banks would have been fun if someone with enough acting chops to make us believe he is Walt Disney was playing opposite the extraordinary Emma Thompson. But Tom Hanks? Save me.
By the time the film was done, it was in the 60s outside so instead of catching The Hobbit 2: Spare The Air Day, I went to The Milk Pail and spent about $65 on cheeses. And that's even though they didn't have my favorite French sheep cheese. Some cheeses for snacking, some for fondue.

Then home, to do The Shed Project™.

This has been on the drawing board since I moved in. The house has a storage shed out at the end of the driveway. The previous owner had shelves installed left, right and back wall. The shelves on the right were too deep to get the door open wide enough - you had to shove stuff inside, close the door and then move the stuff where you wanted it. The shelves at the back made the space too short for my bike. And they were too close together vertically to hold any of my stuff.

So the Project was:
- Completely empty the shed
- Remove all the shelves on the left and back and one from the left and stack them off to the side
- Knock off all the shelf holders from those (this needed my heavy plumber's wrench. Well, a hammer really but I was too lazy to get it out of the closet)
- Put the bike in facing the door
- Stack all the tubs of stuff against the back wall
- Put all the camping gear on the left-hand shelves
- Add musical instruments, music stands, the big cooler and the microwave

It took about 2 hours. But now it's done, yay!

Parked myself in front of the TV and played the currently recording Tivo of the Hawaii Bowl. Boise State got clobbered early by the Beavers, but managed to raise their score to something less embarrassing at the end. I think Oregon State's coach gave them some help at the end to try to make a game of it.

Also watched some of The Long Island Medium marathon. One of the best cold readers on the planet, but she's strident and I can only take so much of her.

Dinner was duck soup. Yes, I know it is Marxist. But I had in the freezer taking up too much space the ribcage and other assorted bones from the duck I roasted the weekend I moved in. Threw those into a pot, covered with water, added a little salt, a tablespoon of crushed garlic, a couple of twists from the pepper mill, some bay leaves and a few leaves from my Kaffir lime tree. Then a tablespoon each of split peas and barley, and two of dried lima beans. Simmered for 90 minutes. The whole house smelled ducky. And it was yummy. Could have used more salt and barley. After two bowls of it, there is enough left for another meal.

After I write this I am running a bath in the lovely deep "garden style" tub because I am sore all over from the shed project.

Plans for tomorrow:
RMA a couple of Amazon purchases
See another movie


Dec. 22nd, 2013 10:10 pm
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Got my short but time-consuming to-do list done. Slept in until 9, though it took several tries. Woke up about every 20 minutes between then and 7.

Unpacked the two boxes of Video cassettes and DVDs, and found one more box to unpack, it was labeled "Mom's albums" so I thought it was part of the stash of snapshots in a box I don't intend to open. But it turned out to be a set of photo albums which belonged on the big black rack with the LPs, 78s and such.

The flattened boxes more than filled the back seat, had to put a couple in the front seat and three in the trunk. Totally forgot the one on the driveway which the movers had bleached. I had not flattened it yet, and it was all closed with plastic tape, which is a no-no for recycling. I'll get it later.

Had the cardboard recycling dumpsters to myself, so it went quickly.

Back to the house, packed the trunk with the old ugly kitchen curtains and livingroom shades, and the short roll of Astroturf which used to go under the two litterboxes. Took those to Goodwill.

Stopped at OSH and bought a pair of garden hose nozzles (there are three hoses at the house, only one had a working nozzle) and an aerator/sprayer for the kitchen faucet. Previous owner had a Pur unit on there which did the aeration, but I hate those things.

Between my left knee acting up again (thanks to all the box hauling) and my right elbow still ouch-ing, decided t was time to try the massage place next to the nails place. Good call. Standard price scheme, and DDG northern Chinese woman who spoke reasonably good English, and walked on my back with her hands. There was actually a pair of rails for back walking, but she knelt next to me and pushed, hard. Good solid job, I shall return.

Stopped off at Target for bath rugs, parking was insane - full of vultures in the main garage, but plenty of spaces in the second garage which is the same distance to the doors. Go figure. Got to the entrance, the line for the cash registers went from the last register all the way to the other end of the store. There was one young man in the long empty corridor perpendicular to the registers, directing people to the next available register. It was even more insane than the parking, so I returned my cart and left.

Home, went online, ordered a pair of bath rugs at, but when I tried to check out it gave me a 404 error. Tried three times, FAIL. Probably will try Penny's later.

Watched football games for the rest of the evening. Stated with a bowl of popcorn, graduated to Marie Calendar beef dinner. Thin mint ice cream FTW.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch what will probably be the last game played at Candlestick park, which should have been torn down in 1989 after the quake. Laugh at the phony nostalgia stories.
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Started the day as a total slacker. Woke up at 8, not feeling rested at all. Did not do anything on my to-do list in the morning. The recycle trip was nixed because it came to my notice that there was one more room to unpack, and it would be better to do that before making a recycle run.

Decided to attack the most difficult thing first. Found the right circuit breaker on the first try, uninstalled the ugly halogen spotlight 3-lamp fixture over the sink and replaced it with a much more attractive 3-normal-bulb fixture. It took a bit of doing because I needed to remove most of the old mounting hardware and use what came with the new light, but in retrospect it was all straightforward. It worked, nothing caught fire, nothing exploded.

Found college games to watch, found myself falling asleep in the recliner. Domino found a new place to perch - on my tummy. She is so skinny, I can feel the bones of her spine when I pet her. I'm chalking it up to old age, because she isn't hyper (which she would be if it was thyroid relapse). I finally took a nap in bed, had some weird dreams.

Back to the recliner, but remembered the baguette and brie, so I cut tiny bread slices and watched the Wazoo-CO State game while scarfing up cheesy bread. Between the cheese and the bread, there were several trips to the guest bathroom, and popped some anti-lactose pills & immodium. Tasty meal, though.

Was dilemmaed about the result of the WSU game. They had it sewn up, but made a series of stupid decisions and lost to a last minute field goal. Normally I root against the UW's nemesis, but I'm told that when playing outside the league one roots for one's state.

Also watched Tulane fail to grab victory from the jaws of defeat in about the same way. Maybe they will be demoted to Onelane.

It was fun to see San Diego State thoroughly mash Buffalo, and funny that it was the Idaho Famous Potato Bowl. They played on Boise's blue field.

Dinner was going to be TV, but it's a day when I have time to cook, so I boiled some water and heated up some ravioli. The gas range is not as good with the heavy pot as I expected it to be. But it cools down a lot quicker when you turn it off.

Bit the bullet, went into the 3rd BR and started unpacking. All the boxes were labeled by which bookcase/shelf/rack, and in what order. Unpacking is the reverse order from packing. There were some things that were out of order due to size, but for the most part it was load from the bottom up.

So now I have unpacked:

Shelves 1:
Photo and slide albums
Shelves 2:
Small electronics (mini-camcorder, GPS, mini shortwave radio)
Misc bookshelf things (tarot cards, NatGeo DNA kit, loose photos in a ziplock bag, jewelry holder shaped like a Chinese temple, HP 5-year pin, etc.)
More books
String books
Thailand scrapbooks and journals and chotchka
Big rack:
Parental stuff:
- 78s
- LPs
- Framed family photos
- Dad's 8mm camera
- Parental diplomas
My calendars
Small racks 1&2:

Yet to be done:
Small rack 3, which will be DVDs and videotapes and beanie babies. And maybe large CD collections
There is a pile of clothes, towels, pillows, hats and fanny packs which were used for packing material. They will go into the closet.

Even more annoying than the seasonal ads on the radio are the PSAs. There are a total of three which are being played over and over, sometimes two times in a row, ad nauseum. Two are by young undocumented aliens claiming they deserve to be full citizens. One if from a boy who claims to be Thai, which is a hoot because he may be the only undocumented one in the country. The third is an annoying boy asking question after question (Why is the sky blue? How do you hit a baseball? - crap like that) and not soon enough a voice-over says you don't have to be a foster parent to help a foster child. If that's the foster child, the help would be strategically applied duct tape. We have programs in place for foster children, PSAs calling for additional help are out of line. As for undocumented children, their parents need to solve that problem.

Plans for tomorrow:
Finish unpacking
watch the Seahawks game it it's on local TV
see a movie? Frozen is on the list.

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Woke up before 7, was in the bathroom when the two alarms went off, which is one perk of living in a house, no wall-share neighbors to hear your alarm going off. Got to the DMV at 8:30, found parking and made my way past the long line of people without appointments to the line for people with. 3 people ahead of me. 8:45 had the form filled out and was assigned a number, and told that contrary to what the web site says, yes, I can get a new license with my current address for a mere $26, and yes, I can also get a free senior citizen ID card. 5 minutes later I was being helped by a trainee and two veterans on either side of her. She was way too bright to be working at the DMV - she understood stuff the first time, is a native speaker of American English, and did not blame the slow computer for anything. After collecting my $26 she gave me a receipt, a temporary license and another receipt for the ID card and sent me to the line behind me. This was apparently the line for people with appointments because after the three people ahead of me were shot, they pulled me in ahead of abut a dozen others for my photo & signature. So not only do I get a new license with the right address, I get a photo which was not taken in 2000.

I was out of there by 9:10. Meanwhile the no-appointment line had reached around the building, in the 45° chill.

Which meant I was at work on time, because the DMV is only 1.5 miles away.

Not much to do at work, so I socialized. It was a good chance to chat with team mates who also had little actual work to do.

One cute thing, the media program we use for playing video over the lab network, VLC (videolan - it's free and you should get it) has a taskbar logo which is now sporting a Santa hat. My back wall neighbor has been receiving tons of toys from amazon, I figured she would get a kick out of it - she did.

My weakly report was pretty sparse this week.

Home, gave Domino her chew treats, relaxed until it was time to go to uke class. I'd put a load of bedding in the dryer this morning, took that out and started the load of shirts.

Uke class was not very productive, even though only 2 of us showed up and he gave us each a lot of personal attention. Problem is he goes at his pace, not ours, so while he's playing the entire song in the book, I'm still trying to figure out how to play a G. He showed a finger pick routine which could work, with practice, but he didn't allow time to practice. One thing I did learn is my fingers are too wide for many chords. Or rather, to play them the way they are shown in the book. With practice I think I can play tunes which have C, A, A minor and F. Are there any?

Stopped off at Safeway on the way home, mostly for TV dinners and ice cream. Also got a long thing sourdough baguette which I'll slice up to eat with the goat brie I bought the other day.

Dinner was a Healthy Choice Asian steam bowl. Not going to stay on my list, that series.

Spent some time on looking for a trip to take during NY's holiday. We get eve & 1st off, and I'll take Monday too for a 5-day weekend. Denver looked do-able. Grand Canyon did not - fares are sky-high on the Texas Eagle. And there's a bus bridge, which defeats the purpose of taking the train. Santa Barbara and even San Diego are possibles, if I don't mind arriving at SAN at 1 am. Also looked at Reno, but it is too !@#$%^&* cold. Did not look north, been there, done that too many times. Vancouver BC might be nice but that's a 2-day ride.

Got email from PG&E that they were billing me twice, once for December and once through January 8. I emailed the old apartment asking if this meant my apartment had been rented. They took their time replying, but said yes, I don't owe any more rent. So I went online with PG&E and had the gas & electric shut off, and updated my address. And emailed Allstate to cancel the insurance. Got an out of office reply, will shoot some email to the assistant.

Anyhow, typical that the apartment people didn't tell me on their own.

And it saves me about $3k. Which was part of the point of this whole exercise. So now I have officially lowered my rent by $1k/mo. Yay!

Plans for tomorrow:
Visit the mobile home park office, say hi,  and request a larger garbage bin
Unpack the 3rd BR.
Fill the car with cardboard and take it to the recycle center
Replace the kitchen light fixture
Call Fuzzy about fixing the second set of lights in the bathroom and the nearby dead outlet in the bedroom. They may be related. And ask about replacing the sink. And whether it is feasible to remove the second sink and install a walk-in shower. It may not be possible structurally. And a ramp to the side door.
Watch a bowl game, if there is one.


Dec. 19th, 2013 02:10 am
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But first, happy birthday to [ profile] smallship1, [ profile] howbearca and [ profile] mettemu!

So my UK cousins sent me their annual letter in Microsoft Publisher format. There are no known third party readers for this format, and I did not have it on my machine, but I thought it was part of my Office 2010 DVD, which meant I needed the disc & its license code, which were in one of the 87 boxes still unopened in the 3rd BR. This morning I opened about 6 of the more likely ones, did not find it. After work I opened 4 more, found it, and read the list of apps, Publisher was not one of them.

Coincidentally, my copy of Outlook stopped working, somehow completely disappeared from the machine. It would not re-install from the DVD after 2 tries I punted.

Office 2013 is only $99 for the download, includes all the apps, 1-year subscription, so I got that. I was able to read the .PUB file, which included a lovely photo of the cousins, and also restored Outlook, complete will all the data files. But they have traded the professional looking UI into something which looks like it was designed by kindergarteners with a very limited supply of pastel colored crayons. :-(

Work went more quickly than usual, the part of the spec I'm reading is new information, had to pay attention. Also tried the new espresso machine, did two demitasse shots, which may have helped. Lunch was a trip to Fry's to look at cable modems, but they didn't have anything better than what's on its way from Amazon. I did pick up an N network dongle for the PC but it turned out to not be the dual band one, so i will be filed. Not worth returning.  Was not feeling too hungry, so just lived on the snacks in my cooler.

Had a long chat with Automation Guy about the specs.

1-on-1 with the boss was a lot of braindump. He handles those well. One reason I wouldn't make it as a manager.

Home, eager to find that Office DVD. Tackled two more projects. Moved my microwave off the counter, onto a temporary cart which is too small for it. Need to buy a real cart, or decide that the built-in microwave will work for me. That counter now hosts the blender & cuisinart, which clears the island for more counter space. Also put up the last of the 3 under-counter lamps. And bagged some boxes/foam which were messing up the livingroom.

Before the move, the desk drawer lost one of its two bolts, which was probably on the floor in the old apartment. The movers ought to have at least asked about it, but just leftg the drawer hanging. This evening I got on my back under the desk and saw I could borrow a bolt from another location, and it needed a hex driver. after going to the tool drawers and finding my hex bits, I was back on my back, and did the deed, which included having to unstick the driver from the bolt. When I got up, the back of my head pressed against the wooden floor protector, and I was hit with a wave of nausea, almost passed out. I couldn't shake it, so instead of dinner I fed Domino her kitty crack and went to bed. Slept for a couple of hours, was still a little woozy, so took a Dramamine and opened a bottle of diet Coke, decided I needed something salty which translated into two sausages and a cup of corn with margarine melted on it. That elped. Watched an episode of Shark Tank and Restaurant Stakeout.

And here  am, at 1:05 am, but the nap means I'm wide awake.

In other news, I peeked in on the webcams a few times during the day, and saw that Domino has found many places to park, including the top of the big cat tree, which is a place she had never gone before, under the piano bench, top of the small cat tree, window sills by the front door (one of her stair steps is there, the other is at the foot of the bed), the small round bed on the livingroom floor, the seat of the recliner, and the pillow on the sofa. Never saw her on the bed, which used to be her daytime hangout.

Plans for tomorrow:

Work. Find something to do after I finish reading the spec.
Home, football
Maybe start unpacking those opened boxes in the 3rd BR.
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Morning project - re-imaged all four Squeezeboxes to UE. Another day of Waiting at work, the feared all-hands meeting was not attended by nearly all hands. I think vacations account for some, but not most. It was better than expected, for once they talked engineering instead of marketingpseak, except for one bozoid salesperson in the back of the room asking inane questions. He sounded like a plant. But there were no slides to show, just two execs talking off the cuff, and doing a fine job of it.

Though the room was set up for snacks, none appeared.

I was hugely pissed off, because the big exec started the meeting by praising the vast amounts of Christmas decorations. He's from Massachusetts, where they actually do have snowmen and mostly Christian staff. Note to exec: quantity is not always commendable.

Went for Pho with Automation Guy, the meeting spanned lunchtime. Grrrr.

Spent the rest of the day reading the specs, and having the most amusing mini-dreams when I dozed off for a few seconds at a time.

Stopped at 7-11 for cash, thinking I might get a massage after the manicure, but I ended up waiting a bit more than an hour for my nails to be done (did not know they were appointment-only, but they had one opening at 7 which turned out to be 7:20). Sassy Nails. New place not far from work, friendlier and more organized than Michelle's. It will be my new regular place.

Next stop, Costco, which I thought was open till 10, but turns out it closes at 8:30, so I had 15 minutes to go to all four corners of the store collecting stuff on my list. Could not find the loperamide or booze-filled dark chocolate bottle-ettes, forgot the string cheese, but got everything else. $140.

Home, 9 pm, fed myself a thing of cream of chicken soup which has been the in fridge for about a year. Domino liked the bits of chicken. Watched the finale of The Voice, which for a change picked the only winner possible, as they had narrowed it down to two mediocre singers and a ringer. First week when I heard her, I knew it had to be her. Not really fair because she was a well-established pro before she entered the contest.

Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilara did a duet, which showed that Gaga is flashy with a decent voice, Christina is a diva with some flash.

In local news, the house is getting there. This weekend will feature another cardboard recycling run, and if it doesn't rain I'll empty the shed. pull out most of the shelves, and stack things back in to make much better use of the space. The shelves are too deep and prevent the inward-opening door from opening all the way. Have to get inside and close the door to do any work in there, which is rude because there's no light. Or I don't remember one.

Plans for tomorrow:
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Tried very hard to sleep in, but only managed 9:05.

Most of the day the TV was on with football games, which I watched on and off in between unpacking.

Today's project just kind of happened, because the medium sized boxes in the bedroom were getting in the way. They are now all unpacked, but first I had to re-position some of the closet shelves because the previous owner had set them so close together that maybe 4 T-shirts could fit. By the end of the project, I had not only filled all the closet shelves, but also most of the rack in the 3rd bedroom (mostly linens and beach towels went there).

Found a place in the office to hold the ceremonial bota bag, and to hang the MZig photo of me polka-ing in a 1973 production of Camelot. Youngest sister got it mounted and framed for my last birthday or maybe housewarming. MZig is Michael Ziegler, ace photographer who worked with me on The Daily Astorian back when I did layout and photojournalism for a living.

Velcroed another under-the-counter lamp in the kitchen.

Lunch was a Healthy Choice steamer bowl. So far I haven't like any of them very much, but this one was mostly broccoli so gag me. 

For dinner I reheated the second T-day drumstick, dressing (it's not stuffing, apparently, unless you actually stuff something with it), and mixed veggies. Yummy, Domino thought so too. She spent a lot of the day curled up in the little round cat bed by the recliner.

Took advantage of having a house with a driveway and a hose, and did the very mundane but necessary chore of taking the kitchen garbage can outside and spraying the insides until it was mostly clean. Also had to rearrange the garbage so it fit into the rolling can. I really miss having a dumpster handy, but I don't miss not knowing if there will be room in the dumpster.

Part of the unpacking means there are 5 more boxes to recycle. That will have to wait till next weekend, unless I decide to go at 8 am. 

In other news, Peter O'Toole has passed away. While I am never happy to hear of someone's death, the accolades pouring out for him far exceed my regard for him. He completely ruined La Mancha, and while Lawrence was an epic film I didn't see him as an epic actor. YMMV.

Plans for tomorrow:
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Morning, threw all the crap off of the left-hand bathroom sink counter into one of the cabinets. Transferred all my morning routine stuff from the right sink to the left sink. Backstory - the lights above the right sink don't work. Shifted the space heater to the right side, nearer the shower.

Took down the unsprung livingroom shades and replaced them with new ones. Now I have shades which can be pulled all the way down or all the way up. 

Printed out the RMA labels for the defective webcam and put those and the cam into the trunk of the car. Moved the car way up so the rear door was easily accessed.

Bullet biting time: Sorted all the boxes into piles on the kitchen floor (they had been against the wall, across the floor, etc.). One wardrobe, piles of dishpack, medium, glasspack, small. Carried the file boxes from the floor in the office to the laundry room.

Took about an hour and part of my left knee to load all the kitchen boxes largest-first onto the rear seat. Tossed the file boxes into the trunk. All of this closing the house door behind me with each armload, because Domino wanted out.

Took a short break to watch a wee bit of the Army-Navy game.

Drove to the recycle center, spent 20 minutes unloading the boxes into a couple of big recycle dumpsters.

Next stop, Petco, got a case of Fancy Feast. Took a peek into the (closed) Humane Society branch, no sign of Kaan, I'm sure he was adopted quickly. In the same center is my CU, deposited a refund check from the movers. Stopped in at Great Clips, then Safeway for a can of Rot Guard.

Looked for drawers at Pep Boys, but they didn't have what I was looking for.

Off to Target, found the drawers I was looking for, and changed check-out lines 4 times before finding one with only 2 people ahead of me with only moderate amounts of purchases. Still took 15 minutes. I messaged Janice I would be late for our 3:30.

I was about 7 minutes late, thanks to Target being on a 45mph road a straight shot to the freeway. We caught up as usual, the last time this year because she has Commitments™. Her alarm clock was an Asian woman who joined us for just enough time to say hi, as they went off to a party. Very special, because Janice makes it a point to not introduce me to her single female friends if she can help it.

Home, noticed the white board was crooked, fixed that. Moved my calendar to the kitchen. Took down the ugly brown kitchen curtains and replaced them with white ones with blue trim. Much nicer.

Watched some high school championship football while having calamari rings, fish sticks and mixed veggies for dinner.

Repositioned the lime tree so it didn't block the webcam.

Spent way too much time troubleshooting the 4 internet radios. I think Logitech's server was down this morning, but I also wasn't seeing local wi-fi connections. Things came up when I rebooted the router.

Popped about 200 air-filled shipping filler cells from both my sister and Amazon, and flattened those boxes.

Installed a curtain rod and hung a curtain in the guest bedroom, also moved the toilet maintenance gear from the livingroom there. Master bedroom already has its set.

Domino still yowls if she loses track of where I am. Very annoying.

On the bright side, she has found several places to curl up.

 And she sits on my lap, the arm of the recliner, the top of the recliner more than ever.

My final project for the day was hanging the Star Trek transporter. Found a good place for it by the front door.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in (again)
Fold and put away T-shirts
Set up the electronic keyboard on its stand in the office
Play it by ear. Maybe see a movie. Maybe watch football
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Worked from home until the furnace guy arrived at about 1. Well within the 10 am - 2 pm window. He said the thermostat I'd bought would work, but was unreliable, and the one he had to sell cost less too, so I bought his. I doubt that Honeywell is less reliable than Emerson, but I didn't need the wifi anyway.

CU had sent a note last week that someone would come by to check the outside of the house. He came by just after the furnace guy left, as I was changing belts on my pants. I don't think I've lost weight, but my butt no longer hold up my pants.

Work was more spec reading. Weekly report was very short. Today's WTF is they scheduled an all hands meeting in the break room at the same time as the holiday party a couple of miles away. I may call in with eye trouble.

Home after work, discovered the new webcam wi-fi stopped working. Sending it back to Amazon, ordered a pair of white ones (need one for the office and for the side door). Also ordered body wash and toothpaste. I know you were wondering. I was going to order Fancy Feast, but the 2-day delivery was after a week's handling time. I'll get a case at Petco, everything is on sale this month.

Grabbed my uke book, trimmed the nails on my left paw and went to class. This time I was actually able to play some chords, C, Am, F,  though Em is a challenge and my fingers don't want to unbend after playing a G. Strumming is not working either, I am more comfortable using my thumb, and playing melodies a note at a time.

Stopped off at Lowe's on the way home, returned the thermostat. Then Fresh & Easy, because I needed frozen veggies for dinner and wanted to give the neighborhood grocery a chance. Very limited choices, reasonable prices, but all the aisles are self check-out. One of the staff was nice enough to bag my stuff (I brought bags) but I gathered that was not usual. The prices are not low enough for me to work for them, so I'll be only shopping there as a last resort.

For dinner I reheated some duck and sweet corn, and finished off the chocolate cookie mint ice cream. I had another low in the middle of the night, which is where much of that went. Have to lower my pre-bedtime insulin by a lot, now that I am no longer mega-stressed about the house, and am eating less.

Watched an episode of Elementary and was disappointed on many levels, but mostly that they chose to make the leading man more of an asshole than ever, when they had the chance to let him defrost. They also changed writing styles from chronological to one of discovery in no particular order. Nice try, but not well executed. 

During the day finished unpacking the last big kitchen box, and just have the one with the breakable dishes, which I will do after I write this. Also moved the big cat tree into the office, Domino gave it a try but she prefers the recliner. I also put the leopard pattern velour slipcover back onto the sofa.

Plans for tomorrow:
To-do stuff:
Take down the livingroom shades and put up the new ones
Take down the kitchen curtains and put up the new ones
Pack the car full of flattened boxes and take them to the SMART station.
Meet Janice for coffee 3:30, earlier than our usual
Hang the transporter room somewhere. Probably next to the sofa.
Put up the curtain rod & curtain in the guest bathroom
Obtain a small set of drawers for the main bathroom closet. Reverse sides (I set up everything by the sink near the shower, because the movers had blocked the one near the door. Turns out the light above the one near the shower is broken.
Call an electrician. Need to have the bathroom light, one bedroom outlet fixed and the kitchen light replaced. Though I may do that last one myself.

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9 am appointment for car's 5k mile/6 month free checkup. Got there 15 minutes early but spent 5 minutes parked in line along the curb, another 5 in the driveway, finally got to a service person. Pretty quick once there, signed up for the shuttle at 9:05 to take me to work. A shuttle load was just leaving. Another one had left before I arrived.

Waited and waited, finally both drivers showed up at 10:10, I was on my way in 5 minutes, and at work by 10:30. Expected to be there an hour earlier, worst case. Bottom line is two things: Lack of staff, lack of communications with both the drivers and the customers. An hour is too long to wait for a ride.

Work was the usual, with a 90-minute boss' boss' group meeting stretching into past 2 hours, with two or three conversations going at once. It's not that hard to run a meeting. Shouldn't be, at least. And some people need to learn manners.

Car was done at 4:30, Automation Guy gave me a ride at 5. No line this time, I was out of there in 5 minutes.

Home by way of the cheap gas station, the car took more than 10 gallons.

Turned on the football game, nice to see Denver lose at home. They almost made a comeback, but blew the onsode kick and were out of time anyway.

OCD set in, and I mounted all the webcams which needed more than just tape. Set up a cam by the side door/litterbox but had to mount it sideways. I need to find a better location.

Made a lot of progress on kitchen unpacking, the Box I Was Dreading is now unpacked and flattened. Also the small box with all the containers of tea. One more large box, which has the cast iron skillet and has been about half unpacked. One more box of dishes, and then the kitchen unpacking is done.

Got the dolly out and moved the two sets of drawers with the tools into the office closet where they should have been in the first place, because I needed a drill for the webcam mount in the piano room. Once that was done, I was able to take the round tall table (probably originally a telephone table) and put the lime tree on it, and moved it closer to the windows and over the heating duct.

While I was watching football, Domino parked herself on the carpet a few feet away. I threw one of her round beds there, and she is now in it, watching TV without me.

Had a low Hgl when I got home, had a Klondike bar and popped some Orville in the built-in microwave. It did a great job. Cooked my TV dinner in there too, also turned out well. I guess not having a rotating plate doesn't really matter. I may move mine to the shed, 'cause I need the counter space.

Plans for tomorrow:

Furnace guy is expected between 10 and 2. I'll WFH till he's done installing the new thermostat
Uke lesson. Maybe. I skipped last week because the move drained me.

Day of Mon

Dec. 9th, 2013 11:16 pm
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Was up on time, got to work early because I forgot to sit down at the PC. It's been on all day, which I don't like because it eats power and heats the room quite a bit. I blame the chaos which is moving for throwing off my routine. And Domino following me around yelling at me. If I'm home but out of her sight, she might do her "I am so alooooooone!" yowl. Tres annoying.

Team meeting was another case of the guy who can't shut up giving a 5-minute presentation for 45 minutes. He and another team member had done a good job with a difficult project, and it only needed one Excel spreadsheet to explain it.

Not much to do except read the spec doc. I'm up to about page 70 out of 335.

Lunch was at Round Table, once again I forgot that a personal pizza is the size I can eat in one sitting. The small pizza is significantly more expensive for not significantly more food. The leftovers are in the trunk of the car, where it is currently 33°.

Home after work to grab the Lowe's coupon, then to Lowe's for a wi-fi-ready electronic thermostat. Also spent way too much time not finding a replacement for the kitchen track light fixture. I want something which takes fluorescents, which screw in not those bayonet mounts. I think I'll call an electrician to handle that. Need one to figure out why the 2nd bathroom light bank isn't lighting.

Watched some of the football game, it was interesting to see Da Bears clobber Dallas. Apparently this week more points were scored in the NFL than ever before. This despite worse weather in many placed than ever this time of year. I don't know which Thursday's points go into that stat.

Did some minimal packing in the office, most of it stuff which the movers should have put inside the closet but left in a closed garment box.They were supposed to take all the garment boxes with them.

A few minutes ago I figured out where the file cabinet will go. I'll move it there after I finish this, and maybe unload the file boxes into it.

Cut up the leftover duck. Had enough for dinner tonight + 3 more, plus bones & such for soup. All in the freezer until I get to them. Domino loves duck.

Still sore. Left knee is complaining again.

Blew off the Computer History Museum event tonight. Wanted to do the thermostat bit and watch football at home.

Plans for tomorrow:
Unpack some more
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This morning I was still very sore, so I filled up the tub and had a soak instead of my usual shower. The tub in this place is deep and wide and only a wee bit too short. But the depth makes up for that. I threw in some bubble bath and achieved significant bubblefication. There is enough room around the tub for Domino to circumnavigate, so she did, many times. Between the tub filled with me and the bubbles, she was mystified. I had never taken a bath before in her presence, I don't think.

My plan to get to the Los Gatos JCC by 2 was almost thwarted by the cliff-hanger ending of the Ravens game. But the network cut to commercials and the 49ers game with 4 seconds left on the clock and the final touchdown under review.

I got inside the JCC just as the director was giving his pre-show blurb. Not exactly on time, but not so late as to be forbidden entry. I would have made it before he started if there had not been security theater at the front door. Non-members had to show ID, and have their names written in the log. So if you want to do something bad, become a member. It's always the quiet ones.

The show was a reading of Tevye and His Daughters, three chapters from it. It was billed, I think, as a staged reading but there wasn't any staging to speak of. I went because I knew two of the cast, and had met the director at a pizza party while he was playing Tevye in local production of Fiddler.

They did a good job. The cast was well chosen, one man was double-cast as the tailor and the student, and he did such a good job putting on an accent and changing his personality for the latter that I didn't recognize him.

There was a talkback session afterwards, and I was very impressed by the eldest cast member, who had taken a very small part, but is obviously an experienced actress. Her bio in the program hints at that.

Janice was stuck at Mame which ran long as I knew it would. Over-choreographed shows do that. So no coffee chat.

Home, watched the wrap-ups of the football games, and most of the Saints game with bouts of unpacking. Was able to break down two livingroom boxes, and two or three kitchen boxes. My main motivation in the kitchen was to find the large glass roasting pan so I could make the duck I'd bought and defrosted yesterday. This included also finding the wood block with the kitchen knives.

According to the instructions on the duck wrapper it needed about 3 hours at 350°. I had cored & sectioned an apple, and sliced up two oranges and cut a third into 9ths. Stuffed the duck with most of the apple and some of the orange sections and covered it with orange slices toothpicked in place.

While it was cooking I watched football and set up the webcams. The layout here is very different, so except for the cam on the home theater speaker, they all went to different places. I'm not getting a signal from the last one, but I suspect that one is a knock-off, it has never worked well. I may go online and order a replacement. Also found a copy of the right Sony manual and re-adjusted the receiver to the best of the 15 surround sound choices. Finally am hearing the subwoofer. And crowd noise from the football comes from all directions.

Also installed one of my three under-cabinet kitchen lights.

Also need to replace the thermostat with an electronic one. The manual one is broken - it has long ago lost its "current temp" indicator, and the markings on the thing are so small that a tiny change can result in 5° difference. I've installed those before, it's not hard.

Plans for tomorrow:
Shop for a thermostat and a replacement for the kitchen track lighting fixture. USPS sent me a Lowe's coupon.
Home, football 
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Posting this from my main PC in the new home. It took all morning, but the whole PC setup is set up. Now I am going to go out for lunch, and there's a program at the library on 3D printing at 3.
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Intrepid reader [ profile] susandennis says I have not posted here in 5 days. Well, I posted on Monday, so 4 days. Three if I want to knitpick that I started writing this on Friday.

My usual routine is to end the day with a journal post. But all the packing and prep for moving left me zonked and cross-eyed so I slept instead. Also had some sleepless nights because my OCD brain would keep making lists of things which needed to be done, and re-ordering them and re-re-ordering them.

And then there's Domino. With the disappearance of her arch-enemy Kaan, (Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!) she has taken to sleeping on top of me. Literally. As soon as I pull the covers over me, she climbs up onto me, and if I am lucky she assumes the Sphinx position, which means her 8 lbs is evenly distributed and I can breathe, but I dare not roll over. If I am not so lucky she does Isis, and her 8 lbs are concentrated on her pointy little front paws. Ouch! Last night was the luckiest, she curled up at the foot of the bed across the way from where my feet are. As the night progressed she snuck closer and closer to my head.

So, updatery:
Monday, worked a full day, went to the new place and got the garbage can off the street and onto the driveway. Did some measuring. Back to the apartment and packed till I dropped. Had a bad feeling someone had stolen my lime tree from the driveway 'cause I didn't remember seeing it.

Tuesday, worked a full day, apartment, put all my network required things in the care (2 Tivos, a cable modem, a router, my main PC with kbd/mouse, a power strip and some coax and my portable HDTV). went to the house and staged all that, one Tivo in the livingroom, one in the bedroom, the PC, modem and router in the office. Confirmed that the lie tree was still there. Collected the mail. Back to the apartment and packed till I dropped. Fitful sleep, because in the mail was a note from the CU saying I needed to send the payments by check, but I'd already signed up for auto-pay, so WTF?

Wednesday, up at 6 to be at the house by 7:30 because Comcast said be there before the 8-10 service window just in case. Idjits. Comcast guy showed up at 9:45. Grrr. Took him an hour and a second cable guy to get poer to all the outlets because whoever installed the satellite dish for the previous owner mucked things up. And then it took 4 reboots to get the modem to latch on, but once that was done it was all good. To work, then to the apartment and panic packed till I dropped, took a nap at 7:30, up at 9:30 and panic packed some more until I ran out of boxes and it was clear that the bathroom and some of the office was going to be done by the movers.

Thursday, up at 6 to be awake for the movers at 8, which is good because they showed up at 7:50. Lead guy was Israeli, three other were Hispanic. They rented a truck from Enterprise. They worked quickly, but the first thing they took outside was the recliner. It was also the last thing they loaded. I could have sat out there but it was cold COLD. Like 30F. By the time we were done at the apt it was a toasty 35. I moved around a lot to keep out of the way, there was noplace to sit - they took all of those first. :=(

One of the workers spent half an hour artfully cutting apart a couple of dishpack cartons to make a cardboard suit for the piano, totally not needed. Moving blankets would have been enough.

At the house, the piano was one of the first things in. I had removed all the removable pieces except the key guard, which got it down to where two guys could lift it, but they had no idea how to move a piano up steps (the last movers had a piano sled, piece of cake). They somehow managed to not drop it or hurt themselves.

They were done in less time than the estimate, but made up for the savings by charging me $350 for materials which at U-haul would have been less than half that. But they worked hard and quickly so I gave them all nice tips.

The realtor was supposed to show up around 2 to haul away the big TV which had been left behind, I waited till 4:30 when I ran out of things I wanted to unpack, but she was a no-show. Drove to Chef Lee's for dinner, their House Special Wor Wonton Soup used to be a staple of mine when I worked near there. It is still good, but the wontons were too thick, there was not much pork and there was broccoli.

I can't remember the rest of the evening. I think I crashed at 7:30, woke up at 9-ish, did some unpacking and had two separate low blood glucose episodes. Boring because I hadn't hooked up the TVs yet. I think I did both of them in my stupor. I know when I woke up this morning (Friday) they both worked. Oh yeah, I went to the apt and filled the cooler with the stuff in the freezer and hauled it home and tossed it into the freezer.

So that brings us to today. Woke up at 7, Junk King was due between 9 and 10 to haul away the rusty old shed. I couldn't remember the combination to the lock I'd put on, so I found my tools and snapped off the hasp. Emptied the contents and put them in the big shed. I don't know whose idea it was to put shelves all around the big shed, but a near-future project is to empty the shed, take out most of the shelves and repack it. They arrived at a little after 9.

They also were happy to haul away the TV.

Got to work almost on time, there was a doc to review and the specs for the next product to start reading (almost 400 pages, highly technical, not much fun but I have to do it because otherwise I won't know what I'm testing). Lunch at Sizzler, steak & lobster was on special, the lobster was meager but good, the steak I should have sent back, it was overdone and tough. They usually do better on both counts.

Did my weekly report to wrap up the day, then went to the house, got the mail, grabbed the cooler and went back to the apt. Filled to cooler with the stuff from the fridge. Left behind some stuff which will end of life before I get to eating it, but left a mostly empty fridge. Took down the shower curtain in the small bathroom and packed it into the trunk of the car. Checked the keys, put them in my coat pocket. Checked the mailbox and was elated to see a plain brown envelope from the DMV with this inside:

Forgot to grab the lazy Susans. I didn't think they would fit in the new place, but found a cabinet where they will. Must go back for those tomorrow or Sunday, when I do a final mail check.

Shopping - the movers had broken one of the torchiere lamp shades and bulb, I discovered just before I was going to plug it in. :-( Lowes only has expensive glass shades, Target had none but they had the right bulb. OSH had something which may work for $4. Also bought another lamp at Target for the 3rd bedroom. And they had a tool which looked like it could remove the track light which is burned out (it couldn't). Also bought three under-counter lamps for the kitchen to replace the ones which had been removed.

Back to the house, vegged in front of the TV after setting the receiver for the best kind of surround sound (I had printed the cogent pages from the user's guide online). Dinner was falafel, with humus and tahina in a wheat pita, seltzer to drink. Domino kept staring at me, I gave her a couple of small pieces of falafel which she ate, but when I gave her a bigger piece she left it on the carpet and went back to staring at me.

Gave her some kitty crack, made myself a chocolate soda. I need to make a food run, I'm out of TV dinners and ice cream.

Before and after dinner I got out the dolly and moved dozens of very heavy boxes out of the office which should have gone into the 3rd bedroom with all the bookcases. My fault, I labeled them for where they came from instead of where they were going to. Also had to move the desk back from the wall, and find all the pieces I needed. To make life more interesting, all the top power outlets are controlled by the room's light switch. I need to either tape that thing up or re-wire it. Not a huge problem because the UPS will handle all the power from one outlet.

Found the subwoofer which is also the terminal for all the PC speakers, it was at the bottom of a box the movers had packed. Ran out of steam just before midnight, have all day Saturday (except for a talk at 3 on 3D printing at the local library, which has a 3D printer for public use). I don't think it will take more than an hour to get the computer up and running (I'm typing this on my laptop).

Plans for tomorrow:
Get the PC set up
Make the kitchen usable (unpack some boxes)
Take the boxes of assorted ziplock and garbage bags out of the tall kitchen garbage container, take the container out onto the driveway and hose it down (something I did not have the resources for previously) and set up all the garbage cans with bags, and throw stuff away.
Take a stab at putting away the stuff in the bathroom. I have traded a single large under-sink storage cabinet for two smaller ones. His and hers.
Maybe see "Frozen"
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This morning's Big Project was gathering up all the packages of syringes and insulin pen needles and CO2 cartridges which I don't use anymore and Hazmatting them. Also took a glass door which has been sitting next to the entertainment center, because it just gets in the way.

Next big project was taking the three suitcases I never use, Mom's luggable sewing machine which I have tried without success to give to costumer friends, and put those in the car.

Then I pulled all my suits out of the closet, and made a pile on the bed of the ones which don't fit. This included, much to my displeasure, the dark blue silk one I had made in Bangkok on my last trip and wore to the ambassador's party. Actually they took our jackets as soon as we entered, so I only wore it en route. And I went through my costumes, Elvis stayed in his garment bag and went straight to the dumpster. I did not wish the shower of gold sparkles on anyone. Kept my blue scrubs, but the green ones and the ghost ones went onto the pile, along with a garish blue velvet faux Renn blouse. Kept the striped coveralls and train engineer shirt & cap. And a black shirt which fits and has a train logo, from the gift shop at PDX I think. Put all the clothes into a big black trash bag, added that to the load in the trunk. Also from the storage room was Domino's old carrier. It's in good shape but needs the outside cleaned.

Made an appointment to have my nails done at 2, and went off to Goodwill.

Goodwill wouldn't take the cat carrier, but they accepted the rest.

I was heading for the new place, but Home Despot was on the way so I stopped in there to see if they had re-keyable locks. They did, but each on was $35 while a whole set of 2 deadbolts + 2 keyed door knobs all using the same key was $23. I was forced to decide quickly, because of the Jesus music. I will not be returning to that store until next year. We are talking 1960's vocals of the most blatant Christmasness. Joy to the World-ish stuff. What Child Is This? I wasn't alone, I nearly got run over by a woman in a sari pushing her palette with a large appliance on it as fast as she could toward the exit.

Now I was hungry, the apartment was on the way, so I made a Meatish Swedeballs TV dinner, petted Domino and then went for the manicure. They made me wait for 15 minutes, and even though my Michelle was there, she passed me off to not-so-good Jennifer or Jessica or J something, who did the worst job ever. My fingers still hurt.

From there to U-haul, long slow line to get packing paper and plastic wrap.

Next stop, the new place. Dropped off the locks, checked the mailbox (in it were two pieces of junk plus a set of pages from the mortgage CU.) Looked on the porch and picked up the Amazon box which had been delivered. This was a test, and they passed. It means I can let the UPS box expire whenever it does that.

Back to the apt., did some stuff online, watched Stanford try to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and fail. Flipped back and forth between that game and USC-UCLA where the Trojans managed to succeed at that. They didn't use enough protection.

Looked at the calendar, it started sinking in that the move is IN LESS THAN A WEEK! and took my butt back to the storage room, and stuffed three boxes with camping gear, and broke down the rack it had been parked on. A big part of that was wrestling with a huge tarp, which needed to be folded properly to fit into a box at all. There were two more tarps already folded well enough. The tent and the picnic canopy are too large for the boxes I have, but they have handles so don't really need to be packed away.

Gave Domino her kitty crack while I indulged in a chocolate muffin, then assembled a file box and put most of the contents of the top file drawer in it & taped it shut, parked it in the livingroom by the other boxes. Repeated for all of the 3rd and 4th drawers. The first few files in the top are postage things which I may yet need, and the second drawer is all my current files, it will take 2 boxes and can wait till the day before the move.

I also pulled out the Red File which has all the paperwork around buying the house. That will go to the new place tomorrow.

An one last trip to the dumpster, with an elderly, el cheapo carpet steamer which I had asked the movers last time to toss out, but they just moved it instead. It has been sitting on the patio for more than a year.

Called my Baltimore sister, got her voicemail. Forgot she had gone to see her sis-in-law in a production of Hairspray. Her husband's wife is DDG, talented and smart. If only she wasn't married...

Called my Olympic Peninsula sister, we chatted for about an hour. Lots to talk about.

Plans for tomorrow:
New place:
- install the new deadbolts
- Re-wind the one too-tight window shade
- Show Janice around (sometime in the early afternoon)

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