Mar. 9th, 2009

howeird: (Danvers Hookers)
Went home for a nap, decided to skip the concerts in favor of not falling asleep during one. Pretty much fell asleep as soon as Pumpkin curled up against me, woke up an hour and 15 minutes later (had set an alarm for an hour and a half). One of the reasons I went home was to get my copy of the Jekyll & Hyde CD for Playing Rapunzel, who had never heard of it. There is too much good music in that score to just leave it to telling them about it. And easier for me to find another copy here than for them on the wrong other side of the Atlantic. And what's a filk con for if not to share music?

Seanan, Vixy, Brooke and Debbie hanging out in the hotel lobby Sunday afternoon. Curious that they didn't seem interested in hearing the concerts.
Got back to the con a little earlier than Dead Dog, which was themed "Dead Girls in Ballads", and I was racking my brain for something to fit the theme, because it's not really my genre. Was all ready to sing I Hold Her Hand in Mine by Tom Lehrer, but the filk circle totally ignored the theme, and since [ profile] cadhla wasn't there to enforce it, nobody sang anything even remotely related. Instead the circle took up the format of "and that reminds me of this one", which was more fun, methinks. It took a while for the various Usual Suspects to find the room (dinner ran late, I guess) but I was able to give [ profile] figmo a copy of my CD (she'd bid on it in the Interfilk auction, but that copy went to someone else) and since she was PR's ride to the airport, I also gave her the J&H CD. I had planned on scooting then, but Mary Bertke, the interfilk GoH with whom I have seriously fallen in love, was going to commit banjo in a crowded room, aided and abetted by Kristoff on guitar, and [ profile] hsifyppah was poised with banjola at "present arms", so I stuck around. And as they were playing PR (Mich and Marilisa) came in, holding the J&H CD, and I got some hugs and kisses for that. And then I ran off, because I have a 9 o'clock staff meeting tomorrow morning, and really do need some more sleep.

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