Oct. 29th, 2009

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Except for the red tape. Spent the morning finding part numbers for esoteric pieces of video and network equipment, and the afternoon in a team meeting where the project manager assigned people to acquire the equipment. And then we had a group meeting with the VP to show off a spiffy new circuit board (it's like a cable set-top box, except it uses IP instead of cable). They served cake & champagne.

After that I unpacked the systems which had arrived for me and the guy who sits next to me, about a dozen boxes of stuff, and stayed late to unbox all of mine. I'd have stayed later, but didn't have the right tool to open the system case to install some components. And I need to find a hub. I suppose somewhere in Cisco there's a hub. Actually a DHCP router would be a better idea.

Stopped off to get groceries on the way home, this was a major restocking which included three cans of crab meat, because when I stopped at the aisle where the tuna fish was, there were three different brands of crab meat, the same size, all marked down to the same price. So I had to buy one of each. To compare, you know? I mean, the non-sale prices were a dollar apart from highest to lowest. I also bought 4 2-liter bottles of carbonated colored water instead of just one, because they if you bought 4 they were all half-price, but if you only bought one it was full price.

So much for high finance. Got home and realized I'd forgotten to buy Pine Sol, which has been on the white board by the door for a week now.

The cats have been very vocal lately, for no apparent reason. Pumpkin was sitting on my lap while I was watching the last 2 innings of the ball game, and every time I said something rude to the stupid announcer guy, Pumpkin said something that sounded like "mmmmrr". I don't know if he was agreeing with me or just telling me to shut up.

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