Nov. 3rd, 2009

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 I went to a party and brought fixings for the ice cream sundaes, but the women who made the sundaes made them wrong. When I commented that traditionally X goes onto the sundae before Y, they shrugged and said "whatever".

So....a poll. Given: a sundae consists of ice cream, nuts, syrup, whipped cream and a cherry. I know some of you would leave out one or more of these and/or add something of your own, but humor me here, okay?

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Nov. 3rd, 2009 11:12 pm
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I feel gypped. There was no election in my district today.

Busy day at work again. Ordered equipment for me and two co-workers, worked a bit on the massive order sheet for the soon-to-be-built lab, got my server installed with Red Hat, SQL and Tomcat. Now I just need to make them work with the custom app which I'll be testing. Will probably work from home tomorrow, because (a) I'm expecting a have-to-sign-for-it Fedex delivery and (b) I seem to have become a chat magnet for one of the new guys and I just have too much reading to do to have chunks of time swallowed up being social. I can do everything I need to do tomorrow from home. Finishing up the server needs to wait for a document anyway.

A definite sign that the economy is getting better: For the first time in about 2 years, the price of gas at Rotten Robbie's is again lower than  the big brands. Their non-cash price is lower than Arco, too, when you factor in the 45-cent debit card surcharge at Arco. But I'm still writing a WTF letter to my congresscritter asking why they have taken their eyes off the ball here. There is nothing in the price of oil to warrant gas being anywhere near $3/gal. Manufacturing 101: When the price of the raw product goes up by 10%, the rest of your overhead remains the same, so the price of the end product goes up less than 10%. Significantly less in the case of gasoline which has a huge overhead.

Nervously sent in a copy of my passport and the required travel forms for the band trip to Europe this summer. As of today I can't afford the trip, and may not be able to get the time off. But it's not till the end of June, I have travel cancellation insurance and a job again, so I've decided to keep loose until February, when I will have a better idea of the work situation.
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Two people in a Thai music community [ profile] thaimusic posted links which made me laugh out loud (really loud, I woke up the person in the next cubicle). 

One  posting is for a group called "Secret of Virgin" and the name of the single is  ห้ามนอนคนเดียว (Harm Naun Khon Diew) which translates as "Don't sleep alone".

The second is for a group named "Am Fine", the first cut on the "Drama" album is  เปลี่ยนแฟนง่ายกว่า (Bliyan Fan Ngai Kwa) which means "change boyfriend/girlfriend more quietly". As in "don't be so noisy when you dump your S.O. for another."

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