Nov. 8th, 2009

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Flower Drum Song title because the fuchsias and geraniums hanging above the patio are blooming.

Chores day for me, dumpster trek, vacuumed downstairs, watched bad football games. Picked up stuff at CVS which was on my list. Had a late lunch at home, realized mustard & sauerkraut could have been on the list. I had enough for today, but need more now. Went online VPN to work and submitted my time sheet and ordered a copy of ReflexionX which will set my boss back a whole dollar.

Windows Media Center HD TV looks amazing on the new display card/HDMI monitor, and I thought my dream had come true when I could hear all the sound except the annoying announcers. Turns out I had a bad optical cable and the center speaker had a disconnected wire. Fixed those and now get beautiful surround sound complete with annoying announcers.

Going to meet a friend for coffee, not a chore. Also not a chore but I missed it was Joni's donut making party. By the time I got there I would have had to leave to make it for the previous engagement. Bummer.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work.  Maybe MNF.

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