Nov. 18th, 2009

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Last night was supposedly the peak of the Leonid meteor showers, so after work I went home, had a snack and took a nap, and then put on my very warm Seahawks stadium jacket and went out to the parking lot across from Shoreline Amphitheater, which has pretty much a 360° unobstructed view, pulled out my camp chair and started watching the sky. That was at about 1:40 am. After a few minutes my brain kicked in, I pulled out my phone and fired up the Google Sky app, and found the constellation Leo. Turns out I was facing right at it, but it was still low in the sky, in the glare from San Jose. After an hour and only seeing one major shooting star (and maybe three small blips) I drove to Safeway to pick up some stuff on my routine shopping list (and waste some time) and then went back to the parking lot. It was 3 am, and just as I was pulling the camp chair back out of the trunk a big shooting star flashed across the star right across Leo. I sat down expecting more. But for the next 15 minutes that was it, and it was getting cold (~ 40°) so I packed it in. Very disappointing.
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I'm putting together a 2010 calendar, and need help paring down my 88 finalists to 13. Check out this link and let me know which ones you would pick.
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Please note we are not considering parallel parking in this poll. :-)

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