Nov. 22nd, 2009

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Last night I had a fever and headache and no appetite, felt like I was starting to catch something, so at about 8 I took some ibuprofen, which didn't help, so at 9 I took some acetaminophen, and curled up in bed with a book, which helped a lot. I also fired up the Eee PC, since I didn't feel like sitting in front of the big PC in the computer room.

Woke up this morning feeling fine. 

Go figure.

Today I went for a massage, a woman who works in her home, a very nice apartment complex just of 101 and Lawrence. Looking online at the floor plans, it's only about $100 a month more than what I'm paying, and they have washer/fryer in the units, so I think I'm going to call them next week and ask what their cats policy is, and look into moving there early next year if the prices & policies are right. The massage was adequate - a mix of all the Asian forms - good enough for me, not good enough to recommend to a friend.

Tried to go to Pet Club in the Costco shopping plaza, but the entire population of north Santa Clara and south San Mateo counties decided to do their Thanksgiving shopping at Costco, and it was a total mess, so I wove my way to an exit and went home. I don't know who designs the Costco parking lots, but all the ones I've been in are engineered for maximum chaos and frustration, with no thought to how pedestrians with shopping carts will get safely to their cars.

The el cheapo camp chair which I bought on my way to Pinnacles this summer for $12 is starting to shred, so I went online and bought a hevy duty replacement, and since all the camping stuff is on sale now I also ordered a replacement for my moldy queen sized air mattress and two basic summer weight zip-together sleeping bags. Thanks to water damage and squirrels, I am down to one slightly nibbled bedroll. I suppose I should go to OSH and buy a garden trunk or something to store the camping stuff in out on the patio.

One of my favorite web sites has been hijacked. They have two DNS addresses, one is their full name and the other is an acronym which redirects to the first one. The acronym gives a "server not found" error and the full name gives a 404 for a bogus site name.

No plans for the rest of the day except my 9 pm phone call to the folks. Probably will watch some football. Definitely will have some lobster thermidor for dinner, and baggy/freeze the rest for later. Last night's is untouched and there are at least 4 servings.

Which reminds me: Fannie Farmer Cookbook total FAIL: Their lobster thermidor recipe starts by slicing 2 cups of mushrooms and sautéing them in 5 tbsp of butter. And that's the only time the mushrooms are mentioned. At the end of the recipe you're left with an oven pan filled with beautiful golden brown baked meal, and a side of cooked mushooms. I added them to the mix after pouring the thermidor into the pan.

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