Dec. 12th, 2009

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It has been raining since yesterday afternoon, and is expected to continue doing so all weekend, at least. My two photo shoot outings are rained out, so I'll be sleeping in (am in bed now typing this on my netbook), baking cookies and maybe taking in a movie or 2, and catching up on my Netflix DVDs.
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Took a rain check on this morning's photo shoot because the house they were holding it in is very dark, and the outdoor areas I was planning on using are soaked. And tomorrow's shoot was canceled by the organizers because of the rain. I don't like winter rain, or snow. If the politics wasn't insane, I'd move to southern Thailand where the rain is always warm and the word for snow is one tone mark away from the "c" word.

Slept till 10, still in bed, fired up the netbook, made some potstickers for lunch at about noon-thirty and then gathered up the chocolate chip cookie fixings and made 6 dozen while watching the Army-Navy game. Even though I mixed them by hand and tried all different kinds of temperature settings, they all came out too fluffy again. I'll put my recipe behind there cut - if anyone has any clues on how to make them less fluffy using different amounts of the same ingredients, I'd be much obliged.
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Wanted to see Planet 51, but the last showing at my local theater was at 4:30. Time to watch the Netflix rentals, I guess.

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