Sep. 2nd, 2010

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The x-posting can of wyrms LJ just opened is not a huge concern for me. I don't link outside the box, except my own stuff, and rarely even that.

But a bit about how I see the three sites:

LJ is a journal site. I use it to write about myself, what I think and what I'm up to. It's for me. I would like to make all my posts public, but sometimes I will make a post friends-only if it is about work foo or theater foo. I have been known to make a post custom locked so I can talk about something which a friend or two don't need to hear right now.

Facebook is a social networking site. Originally I signed up because hundreds of my theater friends are active there, and they post calendar events letting me know when they are performing and when there are auditions. And it's an easy way to keep in touch. They are mostly not on LJ because they are mostly computer lightweights. In addition, I have family in England whom I love dearly, and they are on FB. It's a closer connection than I get with individual email. Also, I have assorted long-distance cousins, a sister and a nephew I keep track of there.

Twitter is mostly a joke.  I rarely post anything there, but I do monitor two of my local radio stations, CNN, NASA Ames and many of the astronauts, a handful of celebrities and Olympic gold medalists, and the Pacific Science Center's daily calendar item. I have been known to go for days between logging on.

Dreamwidth has a clever name, and I signed up very early. I spent maybe two weeks before it was clear they did not offer anything better than FB, and where Frank The Goat gives updates on features, specials and contests, DW tells its users what kind of code debugging they are doing, and why something didn't get done because after the dog ate it, he had to be taken to the vet.

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Came out to play for a few moments tonight. They are not quite an inch long. There was only one out with Mom guarding for maybe 20 minutes, then the other one joined in.

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