Jan. 5th, 2017

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Started the day at the main office, was all set to work on following up some fixes a manufacturer made based on my bug reports, but a pow-wow with Boss and one of the lead engineers de-prioritized that. As expected I spent the rest of the day at the off-campus office. Found one major bug, and maybe a second one but Boss wants to see if it's just me not understanding how a feature works.

Brought a jar of herring in sour cream for lunch, ate next door in the break room. I found where they hid the microwaves, so tomorrow I'm bringing something to heat up. There are soft drinks galore and plenty of snacks which work as dessert. I just don't like having to walk a block in the rain. When I was laid off last year I put my lunch cooler away, time to break it out again.

The new place exits to a divided road which goes the wrong direction for me, and when I got to my usual main road, I was trapped into going the wrong way, and spent 10 minutes trying to detour around a head-on collision which was blocking the direct way back. The detour took me back where I had come from, and about a mile out of my way.

Home, a long-awaited set of remote controlled switches arrived, but they will be going back because they don't connect with my other devices, and their phone app doesn't even reach 10 feet. The others are reachable from wherever I have a data signal or wifi. Sad, because they do exactly what I want to do otherwise.

Fired up Netflix, was disappointed to find they had none of Jennifer Lawrence's hits. I was wanting Silver Linings Playbook but would have settled for almost anything else.

I watched an episode of Undercover Boss on the CBS feed. I have a love-hate thing going with that show, have not watched it in years. This one was a little different because in addition to visiting franchises, she went to a supplier's warehouse. The amounts of cash she gave away was way beyond what we saw in the first few years. She gave away a franchise, a $100,000 value. And another employee got $25k to go to college, with $25k more on graduation, plus $10k for rent & emergencies.

Started reading Carrie Fisher's Wishful Drinking. Only a few pages in, I'm not impressed. I'm also not tempted to delete it. Yet. There may be hope.

Dinner was a handful of TGIFriday's chicken wings, the buffalo sauce went straight into the trash. Their wings are the closest to the deep fried ones I like best, but have gone the way of mercury thermometers and transfats. Sizzler has the best ones in their salad bar side car. I should do dinner there sometime soon. Cole slaw and marinated artichoke hearts rounded out the meal.

While I was eating quinoa was boiling up in my rice cooker. That's in a storage tub in the fridge, a smaller portion will probably be part of lunch tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. There's some kind of staff meeting in the afternoon.
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A little chilly last night. Spook claimed more of the bed than usual, until my legs got in the way and she finished up in the guest room. She also likes parking herself on the fluffy orange mats in the bathroom.

Traffic was getting back to normal, but still lighter than usual. I didn't need the commuter lane for most of it. Automation Guy phoned while I was driving, made me turn too soon for the off-campus office. Had to hang up and concentrate to find the right entrance.

Finished my testing, except for one major item. 

Drove to the main office for a staff meeting (had to use valet parking, but that was all good because they charged it for me) and to ask the engineer in charge of my project for a second opinion. Meeting was canceled while I was driving there, but I got the clue I needed from engineer, and some education from Boss, who showed me she doesn't know what an optical audio output looks like.

Back to the other office, applied the clue, was able to complete as much testing on the device as is possible, and wrote up a short email message covering the small handful of bugs I saw.

Lunch was leftover pigs in blankets, some of last night's quinoa batch, chocolate pudding and a diet coke, in the break room next door. There's a lot of foot traffic outside, and sometimes through that building since it is on the way to the corporate gift shop and visitor center. Today half that parking lot was roped off for valet car washes. Not many customers since it's still raining on and off.

Home the usual back roads, freeway was jammed as usual.

Watched some mustn't see TV, dinner was some ha gow and BBQ pork steamed. Thin mint ice cream for dessert to keep with the Chinese theme.

US Mint has outdone itself, the America The Beautiful quarters set they do every year is already in stock, so I ordered a pair. Used to be they came out in early summer.

Did I mention I got the 2 pair of prescription computer glasses from $39 glasses.com? Been using them at home & work, and while the difference isn't spectacular, it is noticeable. Just a wee bit sharper and I can be further from the screen. Text on my way home says my progressive lenses are in at Kaiser, will try to pick them up at lunchtime.

Plans for tomorrow:

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