Dec. 9th, 2008

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This was my lunch companion in Surin, Thailand the day after the elephant festival. Follow the link to a few more of my trip photos (a major work in progress)

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Sitting in the Toyota waiting room, having the front passenger side heel & tire replaced.About 2 weeks before my vacation a rock fell of a truck, I ran it over, it knocked off the gub cap,which I was going to leave behind but a ice man in an F150 handed it to me at the next stop light.

The rock bent the lip of the wheel and put a small divet in the tire. Not immediately life-threatning, so it went on the to-do-after-Asia list. Which is now.

Fasting blood test when the repair is done, which means no free coffee or donuts for me.
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Maybe it's because I was raised Orthodox Jewish, and maybe it's because I read both Testaments and the Koran in college, and maybe it's because my Medieval History minor was based on researching the Children's Crusades, and maybe it's because I lived in a Buddhist country for almost three years followed by Israel for half a year. Or maybe it's because I'm just an old curmudgeon. Bottom line is I hate Christmas, can't stand Jesus music, and I'd rather have my fingernails pulled out one by one while being waterboarded by a sadistic Abu Ghraib guard with a dog leash and a strap-on than go to a "holiday" party. That includes allegedly multi-denominational/non-denominational parties because, after all, we atheists don't have holy days, hence no celebration thereof.

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Playboy used to run the incomparable Gahan Wilson's cartoons full-page, full-color. One of my favorites from, I think, the 60's showed a crowd of people dressed in hooded robes worshipping a sign which said "Nothing". A person not dressed for worship is talking to one of the robed ones, and the caption is "Is Nothing sacred?"

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