Jul. 17th, 2009

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From Congressperson Anna Eshoo:
July 16, 2009


I'm writing to invite you to a special Town Hall Meeting to discuss the issue of High Speed Rail. Experts from the High Speed Rail Authority and Caltrain will make presentations and answer the many questions related to what is being planned.

The meeting will be held on Saturday, July 25th at the Menlo Park City Council Chambers, 701 Laurel Street, Menlo Park, from 2:00 to 3:30p.m.

The location is wheelchair accessible and there is parking nearby. For more information, you can visit my website at http://eshoo.house.gov or call our District Office at (650) 323-2984 or (408) 245-2339.

If you're not able to attend, the Town Hall Meeting in Menlo Park will be Webcast live at http://eshoo.house.gov and I will take questions from Webcast viewers. Anyone with a question they can email it to me at AskAnna@mail.house.gov.

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