Aug. 21st, 2009

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Very laid back day today. Had a call first thing from a contract agency in Mass with what sounded like a great prospect for me in Redwood City. Talked to the headhunter in Joisey who wanted to know if I would relocate to Pennsylvania, and found out she expected me to pay for the reloc. Not happening. Put in some time at Starbucks, went to the park and vegged out, people-watched and read some. Home, franks 'n' beans for dinner while watching a DVD of The Queen. Impressed by some of the acting, none of the cinematography and none of the audio or video editing. The score is horrible. I don't like how they did not once mention how Diana effed that guard hunk while still living in the palace, and (I think) overplayed and juggled the chronology of Charles' thing for The Other Woman™. But then I am one of the rare folks who did not canonize Di. I also think they played Philip as way more harsh than he is. Interesting that they don't mention the Queen's sister Margaret's infidelity which led to her divorce from commoner Anthony Armstrong-Jones, who was no angel himself.

All in all, I'm glad I didn't spend money to see it in the theater.

Decided my Silicon art show photos this year will be rockets. I've ordered some 11x14 prints of shots I took at Moonfest, and should be able to get more at the LUNAR shoot at Moffet Field next month.

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am till whenever, photo shoot at Menlo Park. Several models, the organizer has rented a home for the weekend, and arranged some nice cars for them to pose in/with as well.
Then to HMB for the midnight show of Tommy. Considering the hotel rates these days, will probably drive back home after.

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