Aug. 31st, 2009

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Started the morning putting my G1 phone up for sale on eBay. Later tonight I put my Nikon D300 on there too, after buying a D90 online - Amazon had them on sale for $150 less than anyone else I'd seen, free shipping. The D90 is marketed as a lightweight D300, but it has all the D300 features I want, and takes the tiny wireless remote the D70/80 use. I have one, it doesn't work with the D300. And it uses SD cards instead of Compact Flash, which to me is an improvement.

Nothing on the job lists today.

OK Cupid was all fail today, matching me with someone in Mexico and someone else in Benicia.

Made mac and cheese, but used large elbow macaroni, not that miniscule craptastic alleged pasta which Kraft puts in the box nowadays. Broke out the diet orange soda for a color-coordinated dinner.

Watched Monday Night Football, flipping to the women's tennis match at commercials. Venus vs. Vera Dushevina. The tall blonde blue-eyed Russian played amazing tennis, winning the first set and almost pulling it off late in the third set, but Venus outwitted her just enough times to win. That grunting thing Venus does with every stroke got on my nerves. Vera showed just as much power without that artifact.

It was fun watching Bret Favre having fun on the football field. The game wasn't much, though.

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