Sep. 27th, 2009

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Most of the day was spent at Shoup Park, dropped off the cookies at about noon, hung around in sweltering heat (lots of shade but it was 83° air temp) till the concert at 1:30. Played the rental horn which is seriously out of tune on at least one of the valves, looks like a manufacturer's defect on its adjustment slide which keeps it out ¼". I could be wrong, I need to take it back to see what their tech says.

Pleasant surprises: Janice brought one of her Great America companion kids to the concert, grade schooler who plays clarinet. Turns out one of her music teachers is in the band, which she didn't know about before she came. And a long-ago friend from my TheatreWorks days saw the announcement on FB and took a break from moving to come.

Very big audience, lots of enthusiastic applause. This was the last concert of the season, and we played an encore, then after breaking down the setup had an after-party potluck at the park's garden house. Amazing spread of desserts, I was happy that about 3 dozen of my cookies were taken, while some of the other desserts were untouched. And it left me enough to take home & freeze to nibble on at home for the next couple of weeks.

Watched some Sunday Night Football, may go back and tune in for the finale.

Tomorrow: Phone interview with east coast QA manager 10-ish for west coast job. Possible follow-up in-person interview later in SJ. 50-50 chance it will get that far.

Meanwhile, prospects continue to be poor, plans to move somewhere cheaper are coming closer to the fore.

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