Oct. 1st, 2009

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Somehow I think September ought to have one more day in it. October caught me by surprise. I pulled my old Nikon D80 out of the closet (where it has been since June 2008 when I got the D300) and got it ready to sell on eBay, which included setting the date. It is set for yesterday. Oh, wait, I need to update the firmware on it, I'll fix the date when I do that.
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Stores just don't sell men's pants in my very short inseam length, except maybe in waist sizes half of mine. My recent interviews showed me that jeans probably won't cut it in the new place, and my dress pants are all too long, which is tolerable for a round of interviews and the occasional funeral or wedding, but real uncomfortable for normal wear. So I did some searches and found a couple of places online which had my waist/inseam available in dress pants and spent about 30% less than if JCP had what I was looking for. Shipping was about $11, tax would have been $13.

And the model of automatic litterbox which is being delivered any minute now is not available in any of the stores, which only carry the basic model - for $5 more. Free shipping from amazon.com prime (my membership paid for itself months ago).

Picked up my insulin pens at Kaiser, my co-pay was $20, retail price $1200. That's for a 3-month supply. And it's only 1/3 of my insulin (I use two different types - the other type needs dosages out of the 60-unit range a pen delivers). Had to go to CVS for coated vitamin C, though. Kaiser only stocks the uncoated. Perhaps they have a deal with the Heimlich people.

One of my job references emailed that he was called by the client - the QA manager in NorLina with whom I talked Monday afternoon. This afternoon the contract agent sent me email confirming the start date, and asking for name, address, phone, SS#. Things are moving along. But I still get to mail in my unemployment claim Saturday, and another in 2 weeks to pay for next week.

Something's burning. Oh, it's the cookies. Sort of. The frozen homemade cookies I nuked in the microwave for a minute. Turns out walnuts burn, though the rest of the cookie is fine. Smells like a forest fire, just the smoking tips of a couple of walnuts.
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NASA is 51 years old today!

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