Nov. 21st, 2009

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It took three trips to the dumpster to get the stuff off the balcony which has been sitting there anywhere from 2 days ago to 3 years ago. That was after I took Clorox spray and wipes to the second of the now-retired clumping litter automatic litterboxes.

There are perfectly good (and fairly expensive) litterboxes, and I am wondering what to do with them. 

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It's been busy at work. Busy doesn't stress me, but having four almost equally important and almost mutually exclusive projects which each could easily require my full attention is making me feel mentally drawn and quartered. I am:

  • Helping build a video server lab
  • Becoming an expert at running our video server app
  • Proofreading documentation
  • Creating test plans and test cases
Got my first full paycheck direct-deposited last night. And with the horrible delayed pay scheme I've already earned the next one and half of the one after that.  Two non-paid days this coming week, though, and no pay for the 7 work days between 12/24 and 1/1, which means the January 20 payday will be mighty meager. 

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